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Google Chalks Up Victories In Print, Radio

A lot of Google’s products and services die quiet deaths in dark corners, but on the other hand, there are times when the company seems to have a Midas touch.  New reports indicate an appropriately golden future for Google’s newspaper and radio ads.

Ray Ozzie Says Nothing

Ahh, Ray Ozzie spoke at a Goldman Sachs conference this morning. Todd Bishop of Seattle PI has the details. Key quote from Todd’s report? “There were no obvious bombshells, or surprise announcements, but people interested in where the company is headed will no doubt be analyzing his comments for indications and clues.”

Google Research: Conference and Hard Drives

The Google Research blog has announced they will be holding a conference on scalable systems on June 23 in Seattle. They’re soliciting speakers and offering free food, all in an effort to spread knowledge about systems that scale in order to handle big jobs for huge amounts of people.

Immortal Computing Is A Little Creepy, Microsoft

In my grandparent’s basement, on the wall, there are pictures of ugly, frowning people, relatives of mine, in that ghostly, milky sepia coloring all those 19th Century photos have. They’re dead, those people, and some part of them is part of me – but if they had ever spoken to me through those dusty frames (and I imagined they did), Great Great Grandfather would be dead twice, his second life smashed on the mantle.

Beach, Burritos, And Pluggd

Heheh, last night Chris Coulter, my son Patrick, and I filmed an episode of Beach Walks with Rox. Great burritos from Tres Amigos and a wonderful sunset at the local beach. Talking Mac’s and PCs.

Microsoft Meeting Snarls Traffic

Microsoft held it’s company meeting at Safeco Field (where the Seattle Mariners play), and area drivers were not happy.

Microsoft Argo Speculation Flies

Everybody’s talking about a portable device Microsoft is developing, code-named “Argo”. Lets take a look:

Microsoft’s iPod Killer Gets Expanded Duties

Microsoft’s rumored iPod killer may be much, much, more than that. In addition to its own features, the product, codenamed Argo, could be part of a larger line of "Xbox-branded digital-media products" in the works.

And it’s possible it won’t make it out by Christmas, as earlier reports indicated.

Brier Dudley of the Seattle Times broke this news thanks to "some research, reporting and information from a source close to the project."

Yahoo! Gets Trippy

Yahoo! continues to bank on social media and user-generated content as a means to capture eyeballs as the company officially launched its Trip Planner service today after months of beta testing.

Microsoft’s Move Into Communications

Microsoft has announced plans to launch a unified platform for e-mail, instant messaging, videoconferencing, and telephone calls. This move could serve to strengthen the company’s monopolistic characteristics. What’s more, the Redmond-based corporation intends to use Office 2007 as the communications platform.

Former Microsofties Create Flickr Competitor

Thomas Hawk reports that some former Microsoft execs have started a photo sharing site called Vizrea, and they are getting some great press.

Microsoft Co-Founder Going To The Super Bowl

Most football fans know that the Seattle Seahawks, winners of a 34-14 thrashing of the Carolina Panthers, are headed to the Super Bowl to face the Pittsburgh Steelers.

MSN Search Adds 1 Million Instant Answers

The MSN Search blog reports that they’ve added about a million new instant answers, those fact boxes that appear atop search results, giving you quick access to good facts about whatever you’re searching for.

Im Not a Guy Kind of Evangelist

You know, my title (technical evangelist) bugs me.

Microsoft Fremont Appears Based on Google Base

Microsoft coders have been working quietly and steadily over the past few months to create a classified advertising system.

Microsoft Talks Up Services Strategy

I’m watching Ray Ozzie on stage in San Francisco. All Microsoft employees can watch it live. I LOVE our intranet (Microsoft’s).

Deadbeat Dad Shot In Seattle Courthouse

Left with no other recourse other than to actually pay his child support, Perry Manley put on camouflage, entered a Seattle courthouse with an inoperable grenade in his hand, a backwards backpack over his chest with a cutting board and living will inside, and got himself killed. Seattle police didn’t know the grenade didn’t work.

High Expectations For Final Star Wars Movie

Just over a week to go until Star Wars Episode III Revenge of The Sith opens! Lots of pre-reviews are appearing around the net…

Airlines To Raise Fares Again

Major U.S. airlines want to raise fares by $10 per round trip blaming the cost of jet fuel.

Consumer Prices Increase At Quickest Rate in 4 Months

Consumer prices increased at their fastest rate in four months last month as inflation makes its mark on the nation’s economy.

Ask Jeeves StockHolder Suing IAC Over Purchase

According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, an Ask Jeeves shareholder is obviously a little disappointed in the valuation IAC has placed on Ask Jeeves.