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Generic Searches Lead to Online Purchases

A joint study by DoubleClick and comScore Networks suggests that many consumers conduct product-related searches weeks in advance of purchase and they prefer generic, non-branded, search terms.

Fast Company Searches for the “Best Business Blogs”

The Fast Company team has initiated a search for the best business blogs. This month, they’re asking for submissions for the best advertising-related blogs.

Searching For Searches

Arik Hesseldahl of Forbes looks at recent developments in search, Jux2 and Firefox search add-ons.

Yahoo!: “Blog” Keyword Searches Up 10% Over Past Week

The Yahoo! Buzz Index reports that blogging continues its march on the mainstream ………

Top Yahoo Searches of 2004

One of my regular web stops is the Yahoo Search blog. Today they made a post listing the top searches on Yahoo in 2004 … definately worth a mention in WebProNews.

Yahoo’s Top Searches of 2004

Based on results culled from millions of Yahoo Search users, the top searches of 2004 give unique insight into this year’s consumer interests and trends.

Google Dominates Holiday Searches

Hitwise announced in its Internet usage report that Google is dominating the holiday search engine traffic.

“Ken Jennings” Yahoo Searches Skyrocketed 318%

When super smart Ken Jennings finally answered wrong on Jeopardy Yahoo search results for his name shot up 318%.

Yahoo Talks Turkey

The Yahoo search blog team is already in Thanksgiving holiday spirits. In their most recent blog post they discuss how searches are spiking for Turducken, Tofurky and other bird related items.

IAMcafe.com Searches Patents For Search Engines

While the search engine wars between the Internet’s biggest players marches on, PatentCafe’s ICO Global Patent Search stands quietly in the background as the search engine used to search, search engine technology.

Demystifying The Radically Different Keyword Results Provided By Overture and Wordtracker Part 3

Finally: Making sense of the numbers (here comes the shock).

Demystifying The Radically Different Keyword Results Provided By Overture and Wordtracker Part 2

Reason #2 – Duplicate Searches

As you most certainly must know, Overture’s strength as a viable advertising medium for online businesses lies in the fact they are provide results to “tens of thousands of Web sites” which include AltaVista, Yahoo, MSN Search, HotBot, and AllTheWeb just to name a few. They claim to reach more than 80% of active U.S. Internet users.

Ranking Well In Non-US Searches

Yes, we supposedly work on the World Wide Web, but localization and micromarketing (a term I learned from a Stuart Elliot column describing a marketing pitch by Sharper Image to one area of Soho in New York) increasingly segment and complicate results, especially across foreign search portals. So here are some suggestions – from the Search Engine Watch forums – for reaching potential clients who live in countries other than yours.

Attack Smaller Searches To Get The Big Ones!

Searching online can not only be fun, but you sometimes need to be downright inventive.

BoardReader Searches Internet Forums And Message Boards

With more and more information turning up in message boards, having a search engine that concentrates its search on forums seems like a no-brainer. The stated goal of BoardReader is to “allow our users to search the ‘human to human’ discussions that exist on the Internet.”

Iraqi Abuse Photos Number 1 Searched Keyword On Lycos

Terra Lycos is reporting that the number 1 searched keyword on its search engine was Iraqi prisoner abuse photos that appeared first on 60 Minutes II. Lycos features a weekly top 50, and according to the braintrust of the search engine, this is the first time anything related to the Iraqi war has made the top spot.

One Word Searches Yield to Multiple Word Searches

More and more, people are using multiple words when they perform Internet searches. The frequency of single word searches has reduced significantly.

Searches Performed : Lies and Statistics

Yahoo abruptly quit using Google as a search partner last week in a surprise move that has the search industry now scrambling for statistics to analyze and numbers to bandy about. I’d like to share some rarely discussed statistics and numbers with you here. First the numbers and stats from the press, then I’ll share a few of my own. Here are the stats that are getting the most attention for the Yahoo search story.

Microsoft Tries to Boost MSN Web Searches

Microsoft Corp. is searching for a larger role in the area of Web searches, planning to upgrade its MSN site and sparking speculation that it might assume the lucrative paid-search functions now handled by its partner Overture Services Inc.

The Meta Search Engines: A Web Searcher’s Best Friends
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I know what you’re thinking: Google gives you such accurate results that you don’t need any other search tool. Well, let’s see about that.