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AOL Reveals Top Back To School Searches

It’s that time of year to round your kids up and get them ready to return to the world of academia, otherwise known as Back to School. To many, this time of the year is as big of shopping period as any of the other spending holidays, save Christmas.

AOL Debuts A Trio Of Mobile Searches

Results of searches performed from cellphones will be optimized for the small screen, thanks to a new technology partnership.

Google, Yahoo Maintain Consistent Growth
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With the proliferation of the search engine industry into everyday life, a number of institutions now measure the growth of search, much like you would test for television ratings.

Google Testing Imbedded Alternate Searches

Have you ever conducted a search and found the results don’t exactly match what you were looking for? During these times, have you ever wanted your search engine to suggest other queries worth trying? Apparently, Google believes there’s a demand for such a service and is currently experimenting with it.

A9 Yellow Pages Searches Impress

Another AJAX site has popped up: Ajaxmatters.com. I know it’s not AJAX per se, but the A9 search site has a feature that’s really killer …

Study Reveals Negative PR Impact Of Google Searches
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As if we need further proof that organizations no longer control their messages, Market Sentinel has released the results of a study that spotlight the negative PR implications of Google searches.

Blinkx Now Searches Podcasts, Video Blogs

According to blinkx founder Suranga Chandratillake, podcasting is one of the fastest growing mediums ever, with large amounts of new content coming out daily. Insight into Suranga’s mindset sheds light on the reasoning behind the newest feature to be integrated into the blinkx search engine: the ability to search podcasts.

Yahoo Searches Times Square

In one of the more user-friendly promotional moves, Yahoo is making use of Times Square in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of their search engine by having people from the general public take part in their Top Search Challenge, which is being displayed on the Reuters Sign, which is located in Times Square.

Google Mobile Searches Small Screen Sites

A beta version of a new feature for Google Mobile search lets users sift through sites designed for mobile computing devices.

WebTrends Monitors Golf-Related Keywords For Fathers Day Searches WebTrends Monitors Golf-Related Keywords For Fathers Day Searches

As many of you who partake in search engine advertising realize, Father’s Day is one of designated present-giving holidays. During these occasions (Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc.), many online businesses target specific keywords relating to these specific holidays, in hopes of increasing sales through an effective SEM campaign.

Yahoo Introduces “Most Popular Image Searches” List

In their efforts to further their commitment to turning the web into one large community, Yahoo Search has begun listing the most popular image searches on their Image Search homepage.

Top Level Domain Searches Revisited

I was reading the latest entry of the Google Blog (Google’s official blog) this morning, and they mention a search technique that, while already covered here, I thought it might be worthwhile going over again. It’s regarding the Site Search (site:) operator, and how it can be used to narrow your search to top level internet domains (.com, .net, .edu, .gov, etc.).

Gas Price-Related Searches Increase

A study conducted by comScore Media Metrix indicates search engine queries seeking lower gas prices has increased by 156 percent.

RSS Feeds for Yahoo! Web, News, Image, and Video Searches

I’m a little surprised that people still ask me “when will you guys have RSS feeds available for your search results?”…

Display Ads Increase Relevant Searches

A recent Yahoo study has discovered companies using the display ad method of online advertising can garner search engine presence improvements because of increased recognition caused by using these ads.

XTRA Google

Here’s a nice web page that you can use instead of the usual Google homepage that makes it easier to begin many types of searches that Google now offers.

Tagging Data Will Help Future Searches

Few people take the time to organize data like digital photos, and several companies want to help them find a vacation photo years after taking it.

Google Testing Alternate Searches

Google is testing a new feature called “Alternate Searches” intended to enhance the user search experience. Other search engines like Yahoo! or AskJeeves have included in their results pages some suggestions of related searches.

Google Speeds Up Firefox Searches
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When you key a search term into Google it often has a pretty good idea of what it is you are looking for. For example, if you key in “microsoft” it’s likely you are looking for the Microsoft.com page, and Google puts it up in the top search results position.

SEO Blog Power Revisited

Blogs are still a mystery to many people. When hearing about blogs, many people still equate them with personal online diaries, or the high profile political blogs.

Blogs Equal SEO Power In Searches

They are truly search engine optimization powerhouses. Before your eyes glaze over, and you start to yawn, keep in mind that many of your brand new blog visitor traffic arrives from search engines.