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The Top Holiday Searches At Sortprice.com

Are “skinny jeans” or “women’s ankle boots” on your holiday shopping list this year? If so, you might be a user of Sortprice.com. According to the shopping search engine, those items appear among the “popular searches this holiday season.”

Spears Searches Jump Almost 1000 Percent

Britney Spears’ forgot-to-do-my-laundry debacle (you know what I mean, don’t make me say it) couldn’t have been better for her career (and the multitudes of semi-pedophilic or naturally curious masses for that matter) if it had been contrived by her own publicist. Spears is not just at the top of the celebrity search charts, she’s more popular than Yahoo.

Yahoo Buzzes With 2006 Searches

Britney Spears dropped the “People’s Elbow” on the WWE, clinching the top spot in Yahoo’s list of searches for the year.

Google’s Clustered Searches

We’re about to leave for Cardiff, so did some quick searches on both Microsoft’s Live.com and Google.

Pirates, The Dark Side, Rule Halloween Searches

Expect the ghoulish staples this year: streets filled with ghosts, mummies, vampires, and werewolves. This Halloween also promises more contemporary characters as well, as trick-or-treaters reveal with their search behavior.

British Search Less But Find More?

Recent numbers are showing that Google is an even heavier hitter in the United Kingdom than in the United States.

Yahoo, Verizon Lead Local Directory Searches
· 1

A recent comScore analysis revealed that not only are significantly greater numbers of Internet users turning to the Web to find local information, but two sites, Yahoo and Verizon, dominate the scene.

Google Searches For Stones In Belgium

Shortly after some impressive huff-and-puff grandstanding, Google decided it best to comply with a Belgian court order after all. The company initially refused an order to post a ruling against Google on its Belgian homepage and Google News site, and seemed to take the $640,000 daily fine on the chin.

Yahoo Searches For Mortgage Rates

As part of the revisions to their real estate site, Yahoo has added mortgage rate information to its search functions and returning those rates on the search results page.

RSS tops Blogging in searches for Online PR

RSS and content syndication are good online PR search terms.

Kosmix Searches Yield Oddities

Kosmix.com is a self-proclaimed “world class search engine that lets people search less, and discover more great stuff.” It attempts to return search results sorted into categories that the user can then inspect or ignore. But based on the results several test queries generated, Kosmix still has a few kinks to work out.

Google Searches Bard, Finds Yorick’s Skull

Google launched a new function in conjunction with its Book Search, one that celebrates, not relegates, a bard without besmirch. Shakespeare, in high school you were never easy, as we emulated with poems that to the ear and eye were cheesy. Like this one.

Job Searches Through MySpace

MySpace is, without question, the dominant social networking site on the Web. That could soon change, however.

Focus on Top 4 Percent of Site Searches

ClickZ takes a look at a new WebSideStory study that concludes the top 4% of site search keywords account for more than half of all site search queries.

MySpace Searches Down Under, Finds Google

While News Corp.-owned MySpace.com courts major search engines to expand its advertising offerings through search marketing, it is also looking to expand its Australian base to better target its 800,000 Aussie members.

Gas Prices Spike Searches For Hybrids

Gas prices reaching $2.90-$3.00 per gallon appear are the boiling point that pushes consumers onto the Internet to research some peace of mind, according Hitwise. Searches for [gas prices] and [hybrid] soar at those prices, as does traffic to energy sites.

Google Suggest Has News For You

In the spirit of the one-touch automatic car window, Google software engineer Jon McAlister has brought the Google Suggest function to Google News so news seekers can save the carpel tunnel and put their impatience to better practice.

Cruise Review Searches Sailing High

The quest for the best cruise led travelers to their favorite search engines; US-based traffic to search sites that queried for “cruise reviews” increased 219 percent for the week ending April 15th as compared to two weeks earlier.

Not all Brand Searches End at Official Site

ClickZ breaks-down new data from Hitwise that suggest, on average, only 85% of brand-name search quearies result in the search landing on the official web site.

Interesting Uses for RSS Feeds

The core use for RSS is generally considered news headlines and blog syndication, but innovative businesses are learning to use RSS in different ways.

E! Searches for Shooting Stars on YouTube

Last week we talked about media and marketers partnering with YouTube, rather than fighting it. E! Entertainment Television understands this and they are putting their money where their mouth is.