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People Searches Surge Ahead
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On Google’s weekly Zeitgeist list, at least five of the top ten gaining queries are usually people’s names.  The concept of an “ego search” has pretty much spread throughout our society.  And companies like Pipl and Spock have based their entire reputation and business on “people search.”  Yes, people search is a big deal.

As Temp Rises, So Do Swimwear/Diet Searches

On the opposite side of the lucrative junk food market is the diet market – enough that it makes you wonder if there’s some grander scheme involved: make money fattening them up and then make money slimming them down.

Gas Prices Aren’t Driving Comparison Searches
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One might think the rise in US gas prices would spur people to race to the Web for pricing information and hybrid car details. One would be wrong to think these things.

Google Privacy Concerns
On Friday I mentioned that privacy advocates are becoming even more concerned with how much information Google knows and will know about us. Two recent events are causing the uproar. First is Google’s proposed acquisition of DoubleClick, which would come with a large amounts of user data the ad company has collected over the years. Second is the slightly more recent expansion of search history to web history within Google’s personalized search. Both will give Google more information about our surfing and searching habits than any company has ever had.

NCAA Hoops, Celebrity Deaths Top Google Searches

The top Google searches from the past week carry a sobering dichotomy of elation and sorrow as information seekers sought to join in the celebration of March Madness as well as take part in mourning the suicides of actor/comedian Richard Jeni and former Boston frontman Brad Delp.

Why Aren’t Searchers Clicking My Site Search Results?

We’ve talked about why searchers click on your site search results, but what about when they don’t? Because sometimes they won’t. If you know why searchers fail to click on

American Idol Hopeful Tops Google Searches

The competition on American Idol is just starting to warm up, but the real heat may not coming from the performances. As evidenced in last week’s Zeitgeist, Google searchers have American Idol contestant Antonella Barba on the brain, and I daresay it isn’t because of her singing voice.

Lycos Top Searches

Lycos, a community destination for broadband entertainment has released The Lycos 50, the most popular search results for the week ending February 24, 2007.

“American Idol” contestant Antonella Barba had a surge in Web users searching for her. Not because of an outstanding performance on the show but because news surfaced that there were nude pictures of her on the Internet.

In a frenzy users flocked online to see for themselves, resulting in a 47,000 percent jump in interest just for being naked.

YouTube Search Stinks, But Can Be Fixed
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In a time when the Internet can place individuals on level ground with multi-national corporations, the way to fix YouTube’s search may be by treating some content sources as being more important than others.

Searches For Microsoft Vista Surge

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, Vista isn’t yet breaking any sales records. According to some reports, the launch of the new operating system didn’t even draw a midnight crowd. People are curious about Windows Vista, though – data from Hitwise reveals that searches for the term are up 53%. I had a cynical reaction when I saw LeeAnn Prescott’s headline: "What kind of ‘start date’ does that 53% reflect?" My cynicism abated once I’d digested the second sentence of her piece.

Week’s Top Searches Hit Rock Bottom

So the past week of memetic searches ain’t all that exciting; it’s down right vanilla: political self-congratulatory lollapalooza-esque barny-fied elitism, in a vanilla nutshell. We’ll call it an accounting of what’s on the mind of the search world, and expect an up-tick in excitement when Paris Hilton takes it over next week, once more of the world learns of her latest indecent lapse of judgment.

Vista Searches Hit Microsoft And Wikipedia

Searching the Net to find out more about Microsoft’s oft-delayed, finally-arriving operating system, Vista, sends people where they want to go today; Vista’s creator tops the list, followed by Wikipedia.

Internet Searches Valuable To Consumers

Marketers are becoming more willing to explore non-traditional advertising methods including word-of-mouth in order to capitalize on ROI. A new report from Bigresearch, “Simultaneous Media Study” examines the issue.

Pregnancy Searches Jump In January
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You probably only have to review your checkbook to understand a lot of people are born in late summer, early autumn. August and September are birthday season. Yahoo’s buzz index reveals that, yes, the holiday season is all about the love – hence birthday season 40 weeks later.

Saddam Searches Flood Search Engines

As news of Saddam Hussein’s execution made its way around the web (rather quickly), people flocked to the search engines looking for video, images, and any other pertinent information about the hanging.

Top 10 Video Searches Of 2006

Clipblast.com has released their Top 10 most popular searches for Internet video for 2006. ClipBlast! is proud to present the moments that the public wanted to watch in 2006,” said Gary Baker, ClipBlast! founder and CEO. “But what we’re most proud of is that we’re able to locate and show, in real time, a relevant variety of video – of all kinds, from all types of sources, from all across the Web. That’s something that Google, YouTube and other video-content providers aren’t doing yet.”

Google Searches Being Used In Court

News.com, via Search Engine Land, reports that computer expert Matthew Schuster was sentenced to 15 months in prison for hacking his ex-company, Alpha Computer Services… and he was found guilty partly due to Google searches like “make device interfere wireless network” that were used against him. News.com’s Declan McCullagh writes:

Top 10 News Searches: Another Year In Paris

Sure, Google searchers like to keep abreast on world events, as long as those world events happen near Paris. Ahem, Paris Hilton that is. Like jewelry, we like our celebrities, and news about our celebrities, shiny, dumb and useless

Top 10 Google Searches 2006
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2006 is officially the year the Internet caught a social disease. Searches related to social media sites take up eight of ten positions on the 2006 Year-End Google Zeitgeist report, reaffirming Time Magazine’s person of the year. The person of the year was You, in case you missed the memo.

AOL: Top Searches Of The Year

AOL is out with their top searches for the year 2006. They have categorized the searches into three classes namely ‘overall search’, ‘people search’ and ‘video search’.

iPod And Pirates Top AOL Search

People querying for information through AOL’s Search and Video Search products made Allen Iverson, Barbie, and Brangelina top results in various categories, but for overall search a couple of commonplace things were the most highly searched.

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