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Trick Or Treat, Baby! Top Baby Costume Searches
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Ah, babies. Cute, round, fairly pliable and fun to make look silly because they won’t remember it and you’ll get to embarrass them with pictures when they’re teenagers. As Halloween approaches, dressing up baby is a tradition alive and well, or so say the search trends.

Explore The Connections Between Related Websites
TouchGraph is a java application of a Google browser that lets you explore the connections between related websites.

comScore qSearch 2.0 Launches in Japan
comScore, the company that measures the digital world, has launched qSearch 2.0 in Japan. qSearch 2.0 is a product that offers the first worldwide, panoramic view of online search activity. qSearch 2.0 provides a granular, in-depth analysis of the search universe worldwide.

England Sees Spike In Baby Girl Name Searches

Either England is about to have a spike in female births, or nobody knows what to name a girl over there. While searches for "baby girls names" spiked by 258 percent this year, "baby boy names" searches jumped by just 84 percent.

SES: Picturing Better Image Search
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Search engines can’t read text in images, which can be a problem for image-heavy sites. A panel at SES San Jose explored the issues of indexing such sites, and working with image-specific search engines.

UK “How To” Searches Focus On CVs

We used to keep a pretty close eye on Google’s Zeitgeist; somehow, Hot Trends just isn’t the same. 

But Hitwise UK’s Heather Hopkins has constructed a Zeitgeist-like list of “how to” searches, and this is definitely worth checking out.

Lyrics, Bridge Collapse Top Searches

I’ve become enamored with Google’s Hot Trends feature that lists the top 100 searches for a particular day. It’s a glimpse into the culture that’s hard to get, in crisp clear text. Even if you’re not sure you want to see.

It’s also a good, simple way to keep up with what’s going on in the news, really. A spike of searches for "fisher price recall" for example can let you know there might be a problem.*

Theme Park Searches Peak In July
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Searches for amusement parks hit their peak every July, says Hitwise, and this year was no exception, with most searching for parks close to home because of gas prices. Not only did they peak, but they were the most searched-for travel destinations.

Beaches Tops In Web Cam Searches

Ah, the Web cam. So simple, so abused. But they can be used for good, and though you might assume the Internet (as in, the collective online population) uses them mostly for nefarious and seedy peeping-Tom purposes, that’s not really true, not mostly.

Google Searches Michigan For Fish Stockings

Google added the State of Michigan to its list of state government partners in an effort to make local government information more accessible to citizens. Michigan adds its name to Virginia, Arizona, California, and Utah to states that have enlisted Google’s services.

Harry Potter’s Emma Watson Does Well In Searches
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A new movie, the last book – it’s Harry Potter time again, and Internet traffic in the UK seems to reflect as much.  Yet, surprisingly, it’s Emma Watson, and not Daniel Radcliffe, who nabbed the (Gryffindor) lion’s share of searches.

Microsoft Buys Its Way To More Searches
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MSN/Live Search received a substantial boost to its volume of queries after launching a game site that makes players use Live Search to gain points.

Wikipedia Does Well In Global Warming Searches
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According to some people, global warming may have catastrophic effects on the world around us.  But in the meantime, it’s doing Wikipedia a lot of good – the site is receiving tons of traffic from that term.

IBM OmniFind Yahoo Finds Tech Partners

Several companies now offer their products as complementary technologies to enhance the IBM OmniFind Yahoo Edition enterprise search product.

iPhone Searches Steady All Year

U.S. search activity surrounding the Apple iPhone reveals that Americans have performed an average of 274,000 iPhone searches per week since the start of the year according to comScore.

Lijit Receives $3.3 Million In Funding

Blog search is getting better – or at least richer – as Lijit Networks just secured $3.3 million in funding.

Email Safe From Government Searches
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For supporters of the Fourth Amendment Monday was a good day. In a landmark ruling the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said that the government must have a search warrant before it can covertly seize and search emails stored by email service providers.

Google – Soft on Privacy?
There’s been quite a lot of news this week about Google and privacy so I thought I’d break out some of the links from tomorrow’s This Week In SEO post and devote tonight to a post about Google and privacy. I’ll toss in some of my own thoughts as a bonus.

Lycos Popular Internet Searches

Lycos has released their list of the 50 most popular Internet search results for the week ending June 1, 2007.

Niche & Trend Tool List

There has been some useful posts of late that discuss the pracitical methods to get started at developing a new site or blog specifically for affiliate marketing. In particular Aaron Wall discusses practical tips for starting a new site and Dosh Dosh looks at choosing the right blog niche.

Searches Say Blake Wins American Idol
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If the number of searches for the remaining American Idol finalists is any indication, Blake Lewis is going to upset many a Jordin Sparks fan.

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