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Ask Gets More Serious About Answers
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Ask.com has released a database of 300 million Q&A pairs available to users in the US and the UK.

"Delivering the best answers though innovations in semantic search technology is the direction in which the search industry is headed, and Ask is best-placed to lead the industry in this regard given our database of hundreds of millions of questions, and our core search technologies," said Scott Kim, Ask.com’s EVP of Technology. 

Powerset Finds Its Way Into Live Search

Powerset, a search engine, which was once touted as a "Google Killer", and was sold to Microsoft for $100 million a couple months ago, is now being integrated into Microsoft’s Live Search results (at least to a limited extent).

Searching for Video Relevance

Google has started integrating audio indexing or "GAudi" (Google Audio Indexing) into video search. The company hopes to eventually apply it to all YouTube videos, but so far it is only limited to a narrow selection. The experiment began as an iGoogle gadget for political videos, but has now become a Google Labs project, though it is still only being applied to the "Politicians" channel of YouTube.

Search Relevance is Dead!

I’ve been saying for a long time that the race for “relevance” among search engines is over.