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Will the New Bing Improve Social Media Authority Rankings?

When Microsoft unveiled the new Bing format yesterday, it became clear that the company is banking heavily on social search. The entire right column of Bing’s new three-column search results formant will be given up to social results. The column will feature results from both searcher’s social media connections and search-term-related “experts” on social media sites. Now, a new Microsoft …

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Google+ “It’s already good for rankings”

Google+ hasn’t even been around 6 months yet, and it’s considered a major player in the social media realm. It regularly draws comparisons to both Facebook and Twitter. But, Google+ does have one thing going for it that currently Facebook and Twitter doesn’t: it’s good for rankings… in Google. Imagine that. At the BlogWorld Expo in L.A., Alltops, Guy Kawasaki …

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