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Are Forums and Q&A Sites More Important to Search Now?

Facebook and Twitter get a lot of the credit for all of the conversation that is going on around the web these days, and they certainly account for a great deal of it. Still there is public conversation happening in many other channels – blogs, Q&A sites, news sites, YouTube, other social networks, and forums.

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Google Lets Users Find Results Based on Location

Google has added the ability to search by location to its list of search options. The option is called "nearby".

"Location has become an important part of the way we search. If you’re a foodie looking for restaurant details, food blogs or the closest farmer’s market, location can be vital to helping you find the right information," says Google Product Manager Jackie Bavaro.

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New Google Feature Could Steal Some of Bing’s Travel Thunder

Google has launched a new "Translated Search" tool as one of the search engines search options. Google’s search options can currently be accessed by clicking "show options" on any results page, once a search has been performed (although you may not even have to do that soon). The idea is that searchers can more easily find and read content written in other languages.

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Google Experiments with a New Image Search Feature

Google has launched a new Labs experiment dealing with image search. The feature is called Image Swirl, and attempts to deliver the user image search results in a different and more visual interface. Google describes Image Swirl:

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Google Gives Mobile Searchers More Options

As you may recall, Google launched its "search options" feature earlier this year. This is a set of filtering options users can engage for their search results. They include things like blogs, books, images, video, forum results, timeframe, etc.

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Google’s Search Options Increase

Earlier this year, Google launched its search options feature. This is a clickable link on search results pages, which provides a list of options to let you refine your search by a number of different parameters.

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Google Makes Book Search an Option

Google has added Book Search to its Search Options. In case you haven’t been closely following everything Google has launched this year (and that is quite a bit), these options are presented to searchers at the top of the results page when they perform a search. I think the feature can be quite useful, but I often wonder how many people actually think to use it, or even know that it’s there.

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Google Presents New Image Search Options

Earlier this year, you may recall that Google launched its search options, which allow users to have more customized control over their search results. It includes ways for users to browse results by videos, forums, reviews, etc.

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New Ways to Search on YouTube

Youtube is supposedly the second largest search engine. It only makes sense that the video site’s search capabilities should be expanded. that is just what YouTube has been working on. This week, they have added some new ways to customize your search experience, and hopefully better find the videos you are looking for.

The Wonder Wheel

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