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Search Marketing: Transform your Channel Strategy

As technology advances and the demands of customers fragment, the task of empowering resellers and distributors with effective and relevant marketing tools becomes more daunting than ever before. To solve these challenges, a handful of forward-looking companies are experimenting with emerging technologies and particularly Search‹to empower their channel partners in an attempt to make them more flexible and responsive to the changing market.

The Channel Challenge

B2B Opportunities Exist On Google
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Selling a massive piece of machinery should be as much a part of search marketing as selling a consumer good like the iPhone.

Google Thinks AdWords Is Your Best Friend
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As a small business or site publisher, the route to Moneyville displays signs pointing to Google’s advertising products. In Google’s estimation, of course, but they may be correct.

Google To Sell DoubleClick’s Performics SEM Business
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After further review, Google decided to split Performics into two businesses, with the search marketing side tagged with a “For Sale” sign.

New SEMPO Survey Open

The 4th annual SEMPO State of the Search Marketing Industry survey is now open. If you work client side, agency side or independent, be sure to take this survey and make your voice heard.

Report: Nearly 90% Don’t Pay Attention to PPC Ads
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The report from Ad Age published recently, reveals some eye-popping facts and figures about search marketing.

Search Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2008

We recently ran a Reader Poll asking what the hot search marketing trends will be for 2008.

The new year is here and we now have good enough sample of votes cast (78) to share what Online Marketing Blog readers are thinking:

 What will be the big stories in search marketing in 2008?

SEM for Large Companies

I was reading an excellent post today by David Meerman Scott on EMC’s troubles with search marketing. I work for IBM, so EMC is a competitor of ours, but I have trouble being too critical because I know what they are struggling with.

SIS – SEMs Pursuing Display

Is there such thing as a pure search engine marketing agency anymore? Increasingly, search marketers are following the engines’ lead by planning banners, rich media, video, gadget and widget ads, blog and RSS ads, behavioral targeting, and sometimes even traditional media buys such as radio, print, and television. What expertise do search marketers bring to the table when expanding their offerings? Are there pitfalls of stretching themselves too thin? How can the various channels be measured together?

SIS – Managing a Global SEM Campaign

Managing a global search marketing campaign offers fresh opportunities and challenges for marketers pursuing customers in a worldwide market. How can marketers maintain effective and cohesive brand strategies while efficiently reaching targeted customers at different international local levels?

Moderator: Matt Kain, SVP, Business Development, 24/7 Real Media

Yahoo Harnesses Search For Keyword Inserts

Make the generic become more specific, and viewers of a marketer’s ad appearing in Yahoo Search may be more inclined to visit.

SES Chicago: The I-word, Discussed

If you want to build up investment interest in your SEO/SEM firm, you have to make your company compelling enough to separate capital from capitalists.

Microsoft Backs New Postal Technology

Depending on how much you trust the current government that likes to tap phones and secretly search your houses, an electronic form of paper mail that you can receive anywhere, anytime might be a good thing. At least you won’t to worry about anthrax.

Search Marketers And Online Budgets

For business-to business search marketers, receiving better search rankings than the competition is important. However around two-thirds of B2B search marketers said that the competition they face has little to no impact on the size of their online marketing budgets, according to a new study by Business.com.

Yahoo Taking Search Marketers To School

Yahoo has a multi-part webinar series on tap, starting September 11th, that will take its advertising clients through the processes of doing search marketing with the company.

BT Publicizes Search Marketing Service

BT Web Clicks, a newly announced search marketing service, aims to help small British businesses by putting sponsored links on search engines.  What’s more, the service offers “guaranteed results*.”

Got Landing Pages? Yahoo’s Got Suggestions

Michael Mattis has nine hints about landing page optimization that should make the lives of site publishers a little easier.

Yahoo Announces Ultimate Connection Winners

Yahoo’s contest rewarded three small business owners with search marketing prizes, a meeting with Ivanka Trump, and a power lunch that moved to new heights.

Size Matters To iPhone Marketing
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We’re certain our search marketing readers have already planned out how they plan to approach the iPhone. A couple of industry pros touched on the topic once the iPhone sales mania settled down a little.

Reprise: Small Budgets Pay More With Panama

Among the analysis of Yahoo’s new search marketing system by Reprise Media came the revelation that smaller monthly spenders have seen cost per click prices rise.

Yahoo Gets Short With Advertisers

Today is the day where Yahoo begins enforcing the 70-character limit for descriptions in search marketing ads placed by their advertising clients.

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