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Microsoft Building New Engine, World Shrugs

Rumors of a new effort by Microsoft to tap Silicon Valley’s bright young techies and build a better search engine have been met with a collective arching of the shoulders.

Mahalo To Curate Web Search

Substantial buzz has accompanied Jason Calacanis’ startup debut of Mahalo, a search site with human editors refining the results for the currently 4,000 top search terms.

Mahalo To Curate Web Search
“Mahalo To Curate Web Search”
Mahalo To Curate Web Search
Google Gains In Search, Yahoo Slips

Google sites captured 49.7 percent of the U.S. search market for the month of April, gaining 1.4 share points from the previous month according to comScore.

Big Brands Clueless On Site Search
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Visiting the website for a major consumer brand should lead people to a useful, easily found site search if desired. Vivisimo’s VP of Marketing, Rebecca Thompson, gleefully mocked several big name brands for their unimpressive site search efforts.

Search Engine Crosses Canadian At Border

Canadian psychotherapist Andrew Feldmar had an unpleasant experience when he tried to cross the border into the U.S. last summer.

Yahoo Search Drops, As Does Its Stock

Yahoo gave away 0.6 percent of US search engine market share in March 2007, with Google and Microsoft gaining at Yahoo’s expense by comScore’s numbers. Higher expenses in the first quarter led to shares of YHOO sinking after hours.

Don’t Hide Links From Matt Cutts

Sneaky people try all kinds of ways to hide links from visitors while showing the links to search engines, but one Matt recently discovered goes overboard in his opinion.

Map Those URL Redirects To Profit

There are right ways to do URL redirection that will make a big difference in one’s site performance, as shown in a recent case study about a plumbing website that made their URLs more readable.

The Dilemma of Socially Driven Search

In a December 23rd posting, Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales announced the re-focusing of efforts geared toward developing a socially driven search engine. Wikiasari (or Wikia for short) is poised to take a competitive posture toward the larger search engines such as Google and Yahoo, but is this really good for the industry?

Optimizing Pages for Link or Profit Potential

Each web page can be optimized for conversion or linkability, but few pages are well optimized for both. That is part of why search as a business model works so well. The signals of quality that search engines look for are typically associated with information, not pages that convert well, thus those who have overtly conversion oriented sites and pages have to buy advertising.

Yahoo! Directory Registration

SEO Question: Is a Yahoo! Directory registration worth it? How do I know what directories are worthwhile? What directories should I submit to? Do you have any good site submission tips?

SES: Social Media Optimization

Some great ideas to increase visibility and traffic

SES Chicago Day .05

Thomas (TwisterMC) and I arrived fine in Chicago without delay. Unlike many other travelers, including Shoemoney who I talked to about a 4+ hour delay.

Search Engine Strategies Chicago

Later this afternoon Thomas and I will fly out to Search Engine Strategies in Chicago where I’ll be covering some sessions, doing more video interviews, taking lots of photos and the best parts: learning and networking. I will also be sitting in on the Social Media Optimization panel with Neil, Rand, Andy and Todd.

SES Social Media Optimization Panel

At the upcoming Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago I’ll be sitting in on a panel about social media optimization.

New Search Engine Marketing Certification Choices

As demand increases for skilled workers in the search engine optimization and search engine marketing industries, more educational options have become accessible during 2006. The latest option is called “Certification Pathways”, offered by the Search Engine College

What Comes Next For Search Engine Watch?

Danny Sullivan had announced some time back that he will be starting a new SEO blog: Search Engine Land.

Podzinger Rocks

When was the last time a search engine made you say, “Wow”?

Demystifying Your Competitor’s Ranking Successes

We have all been there, “how the heck do they always get #1?” It is a constant frustration for many a client and, well, even myself occasionally.

ShopWiki Shopped

ShopWiki, a wiki search engine for shopping, raised $6.2 Million from Generation Partners. If they can cultivate a community, I think they have promise.

Source Code Needs A Place To Stay

This isn’t a chapter in the CVS versus Subversion debate, but a look at places online to view useful pieces of code.