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Lanzone, Mayer To Keynote SES San Jose

Ask.com CEO Jim Lanzone and Google VP of Search Products & User Experience Marissa Mayer will be the featured keynote speakers at next week’s SES San Jose conference.

Google Search Results: Your SERPs At Risk

Third parties could hack someone’s place in Google’s SERPs right out of the index with some malicious proxy work.

Product Information? Search Comes First

Visitors to one’s online retail website have a great likelihood of starting from a page of search results, as shown by last holiday season’s activity.

Microsoft Search Gained Without Club Live
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When web services firm Compete stripped out the Club Live numbers from MSN/Live Search share, Microsoft still enjoyed a month to month gain in search.

Search: Tell Them How-To Do It

People want to know how to tie a necktie and would really like their favorite search engine to give them a hand.

Accoona Heads To Wall Street, Plans IPO
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The Accoona search engine first launched in 2004 with a proprietary artificial intelligence technology backing its query engine.

LookSmart CEO Hits The Eject Button

President and CEO David Hills has jumped ship from the company, citing a desire to start another business.

Can You Answer Rand’s SEO Questions?

Rand Fishkin thinks a competent SEO firm ought to be able to handle ten questions about the search industry, and an eleventh if they are really knowledgeable about their work.

Searchers Want The Xbox 360, Preferably Cheap
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Queries for Microsoft’s gaming console have exceeded those for Nintendo’s hard to find competitor, the Wii.

Avatar Seeks Semantic Search
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Researchers at IBM Almaden have been developing a semantic search process that can delve into unstructured text to retrieve structured information.

Microsoft Joins Ask In Call For Privacy
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Search engines have faced mounting scrutiny over their data retention and privacy practices, and Microsoft and Ask likely wish to head off potential increases in federal scrutiny.

Ask Readies AskEraser Privacy Controls

Ask.com will take its research with privacy advocates at the Center for Democracy & Technology into a new product for their search engine.

Profits Fall At Yahoo, But Don’t Blame Search

Jerry Yang’s return as Yahoo CEO experienced a less than auspicious start to his first time back at the helm for an earnings announcement, as the numbers showed a dip in display ad performance.

Google Dips But Leads Search In June

Their lead faded slightly to 49.5 percent of the US search market, but that was good enough for Google to easily best the field for June 2007.

Users Rely On Search For Health Information

About 65 percent of online health consumers say they click on results because of its relevance to a particular query while 16 percent choose a result based on the trustworthiness of it source according to a new JupiterResearch report, "US Online Health Consumer Survey, 2007: Understanding Search Behavior."

SEOmoz Simplifies SEO

Now that the SMX Advanced conference has faded into memory, Rand Fishkin has posted something for those who may not be advanced enough for SMX topics.

Ask3D Cuts Back On ‘Search Skim’

The product managers for Ask.com’s revamped interface and presentation contend their design helps cut back on the wasted effort searchers expend when looking for good search results.

SMX: Things Can Only Get Better
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It was question and answer time again at Search Marketing Expo, with a panel of pros taking questions on better ways to do things when it comes to optimizing for search.

The Name Is Crawl. Yahoo Crawl

Yahoo Slurp, the portal company’s search crawler, has been migrated to its new domain at crawl.yahoo.net and is coming to a web server near you.

SES Says No Speaker Exclusivity Planned

Whispers about potentially requiring speakers at Search Engine Strategies conferences to not speak at competitor shows have been dismissed as untrue.

Ask Morphs Into Ask3D
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If anyone was wondering why IAC put up a $100 million marketing budget behind Ask.com, the relaunch of the search engine as Ask3D should answer that question.