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Yandex Offers Search Refiners To Help Archive Search Goals

Yandex now offers search refiners to help web users achieve their search goals. The new functionality appears right below Yandex’s search bar in response to unspecified queries, helping users to instantly refine their searches. Those searching for “blueberry”, for instance, could be looking for blueberry recipes, or possibly be interested in learning about the health benefits or nutritional value of …

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Baidu: Chinese People Can’t Spell Google

Baidu is on a mission to take over the world, but seriously, who isn’t? There’s only a couple markets in the world where Google is present, but not dominant and they include China, South Korea, and Russia. Actually it should be surprising to learn that Google actually lost a seven percent market share to Baidu last month. It’s also interesting …

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Google Being Challenged By Italian Professor

The man who helped inspire Google has created a new search engine that will directly compete with the search engine giant. Massimo Marchiori, an Italian computer science professor, launched Volunia to a select group of users on Monday. It’s an interesting mash-up of a search engine and social media platform. The service will allow users to “view the components of …

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Google Still Dominates Search

Water’s wet, sky’s blue, and Google is still king of the search engine industry. So much so, in fact, the amount of search queries conducted on Google more than double Yahoo and Bing (one and the same now?) their combined output. In the latest study from Experian Hitwise, Google’s position as top search engine dog was confirmed in black and …

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Bing Needs Users to Break the Google Habit

One of Bing’s Facebook fans brings up a good point about the search market. Google is simply ingrained in so many people’s online habits, Bing’s biggest challenge is to simply keep Google users from being sucked back into the Google way. 

Have you tried to use other search engines besides Google, only to find yourself coming back? Was it for the quality of results or just out of habit? Let us know

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Google Enables Tweets Via Phone in Egypt

Google has devised a way for Egyptians to tweet by calling a phone number and leaving a voicemail. The voicemail will be automatically interpreted into text and tweeted in real-time. This is extremely important to the democracy movement in Egypt in light of an attempt by the Egyption government to close Internet communication. Here is Google’s blog post announcing the arrangement:

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Select Droid Devices Now Getting Google Instant Beta

It appears as though a beta version of Google Instant has been spotted in the wild, according to Droid Life. If you have an Incredible, Droid, or Droid X chances are you now have the ability to use Google Instant.

Do you like Google Instant? Tell us your thoughts.

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Top Tech Blogs in The UK During August

Next week, European search engine and news portal Wikio will be publishing the rankings for August 2010 of their lists of the top blogs in the many categories under which they’re classified.

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Where Does Yahoo Fit Into Your Search Strategy?

In search, a lot of what Yahoo has done has been overshadowed by what Google and Bing have done, simply because Google controls such a huge piece of the search pie, and Bing is still a relatively fresh entity. All eyes are still on Bing as it grows. That leaves Yahoo somewhere in the middle, where it technically sits in terms of market share.

How important is Yahoo to your search strategy? Let us know.

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