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Google Search Appliance Purchase Leads To Links

Want someone to take you seriously?  An effective (if inelegant) way of getting attention is to flash some cash.  That practice may also, as it turns out, get you a link from Google.

Dell Will Sell Google Search Appliance, Mini

If something’s both manufactured and sold by one company, does it make much sense to call it by another corporation’s name?  I’m not sure, but it’s something Google and Dell may want to address; Dell now handles a lot of things related to the Google Search Appliance and Google Mini.

Google Search Appliance Leaves Results Up To You

Ethics aside, it’s every SEO specialist’s dream: the ability to rig Google’s search results.  Yet, in this one instance, you don’t have to worry about your conscience, because Google is encouraging users to fiddle with its Search Appliance.

Google Search Appliance Used By British Builder

It wouldn’t be surprising if, at some point, in some fashion, we see some Google-brand housing.  After all, parts of the Googleplex are already pretty cozy, and a recent development has placed Google at the fingertips of one of Britain’s biggest builders.

Google Updates Search Appliance

Last month, Yahoo and IBM announced a Yahoo optimized version of OmniFind, an enterprise search utility. Less than three weeks later, Google is now offering up new features found within its own business search utility.

Google Extends OneBox To Enterprises

A new version of the Google Search Appliance includes the company’s OneBox functionality, which returns particular information requests atop the search results.