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The Goonies 2: Fans Want Original Cast Back

Rumors have been circulating the internet as to what form The Goonies 2 will take now that the sequel appears to be confirmed. All the details are being kept quiet, which only fuels the speculation. The buzzing question remains: how much of the original cast will return? If they do return, CinemaBlend ran a list of potential story-lines. Will the …

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Goonies Sequel: Bad Idea Or New Generation Hit?

A Goonies sequel is in the works, according to director Richard Donner of Superman fame. He told TMZ photographers, while casually signing autographs, that he is making a Goonies sequel and hopes the entire cast will return. If this thing happens, it will be a rare coming together of the cast, who have all moved on in different directions since …

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Goonies Sequel Happening: Will the Original Cast Reprise Their Roles?

Childhood nostalgia continues on in the form of a Goonies sequel. As director Richard Donner signed autographs in Beverly Hills, TMZ approached the original Goonies’ director to ask his opinion on superhero franchises. He surprised them by revealing that he isn’t working on another superhero film, but a Goonies sequel. In 2012, Corey Feldman and Sean Astin both did voiceovers …

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