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Samsung Introduces The World’s Thinnest 2TB Hard Drive

The 2.5-inch hard drive is the standard used by small laptops and other small computing devices. Even game consoles like the PS3 and upcoming PS4 use them. The only problem is that these devices can’t take advantage of 1.5TB and 2TB 2.5-inch drives because they’re too tall. Samsung is fixing all of that today. Seagate’s Samsung HDD division announced today …

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Seagate to Acquire Paris-Based LaCie

Seagate is a company with you may be familiar with through their partnerships with Apple. Apple stores in the United States sell storage systems made by the company. Seagate serves business and enterprise customers for the most part and does very little in the retail end of business. Today Seagate has announced its intention to Acquire Paris-based company LaCie, also …

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Seagate Achieves 1 Terabit Per Square Inch Hard Drive Storage

Seagate announced today that it became the first hard drive maker to achieve the storage density of 1 terabit per square inch. The company claims the technology will double the storage capacity of today’s hard drives upon its introduction later this decade. This means 3.5-inch hard drives may store up to 60 terabytes in the next 10 years. Seagate used …

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Seagate Drives Hit 1 Terabit Per Square Inch

Seagate has unveiled the first terabit-per-square-inch hard drive, essentially doubling the typical areal density of modern hard disks. First off, this will result in 6TB 3.5-inch desktop drives, and 2TB 2.5-inch laptop drives – but Seagate expects to expand to 60TB and 20TB drives respectively. To have made such a big advance in drive density, Seagate incorporated a technology called …

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Seagate Adds Netflix And YouTube Access

Storage solutions firm Seagate said today that it will allow users of its FreeAgent Theater+ HD media player to access content from Netflix, YouTube, vTuner and Mediafly.

The new content offerings are available to existing FreeAgent Theater+ HD media player owners through a free, firmware update that can be downloaded from Seagate, and will be included in all future product shipments.

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