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Depression Can Be Diagnosed By Waiting Room Test

According to a new study in General Hospital Psychiatry, people can be easily screened for anxiety and depression while they are waiting for care in the hospital. Researchers at King’s College London University created a questionnaire that was given to patients at three London hospitals, using a touchscreen tablet. They targeted specialty services that included: rheumatology, limb reconstruction, hepatitis C, …

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Social Network Screenings Could Harm Businesses, Shows Study

As the general public has jumped onto Facebook and Twitter in the past few years, more employers are now using social networks as human resource screening tools. Though there may be nothing illegal with businesses viewing public social media profiles, that action could end up leaving businesses in a tough spot – and could even cause considerable harm. A new …

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Idris Elba to Attend White House Screening for “Mandela”

Famed actor Idris Elba has definitely had a lot on his plate lately. With two films in post-production, one currently filming, and another two in pre-production, it’s safe to say he’s a busy man. However, there’s yet another film in particular that has caught a vast amount of media attention – “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.” Elba stars in the …

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