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‘Attention Aggregation’ with Dandelife’s LifeStreams
Dandelife, the social biography network, posted a preview screencast of their forthcoming release of Lifestreams — letting you incorporate your Twitter, Blogging, Flickr, Del.icio.us, Last.fm, YouTube and other feeds into your biography and timeline. 

Current Event Searching on Google and Yahoo

One of the folks over in Yahoo! Search sent me a pointer to Showing Yahoo Some Search Results Love which says, among other things:

As we’ve pointed out on several occasions at the Internet Marketing Monitor, Yahoo generally has much better results for searches based on current events.

And then:

New Screencast Of wikiCalc

Dan Bricklin just put up a new screencast of wikiCalc that shows off some of the features in the same release that will become SocialCalc.

Yahoo Saves Its Toolbar And Bookmarks

New beta versions of the Yahoo Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Yahoo Bookmarks have debuted with added features for their users.

activeCollab Looks Promising

I’ve never been very good with project management tools. Most I’ve used seem too complex for my taste and never that easy to understand and use.

Windows Live Clipboard? Sort Of

Ray Ozzie gave a talk at ETech today, and he discussed an idea he had called a “live clipboard”.

Screencast Looks At Issues Underlying Google Autolinks

There don’t seem to be too many people who are in the middle on the issue of Google’s Autolinks feature. Some think it’s great.

Video Learning About Trackbacks and del.icio.us

You all know what trackbacks are, right? The pings that you set up between a post on your blog with a post on someone else’s blog in order to link the two …

Transparensee’s Discovery Search Engine

In Grokking Transparensee, John Battelle of the said the following: This is powerful stuff when you think about it …