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Habanero Peppers Close Down Colorado School

An unknown substance initially designated as a “toxic irritant” forced the evacuation of Jefferson County Open School in Lakewood, Colorado Monday. Students had come in from recess complaining of eye and skin irritation. After a school-wide evacuation on Monday, the K-12 institution remained closed Tuesday as investigators tried to discern what “toxic irritant” had been deployed on the playground. Police, …

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Hottest Pepper on Earth Grown in South Carolina

Last month the Guinness Book of World Records deemed the Fort Mill, South Carolina-grown Carolina Reaper pepper to be the hottest on earth, ending a 4-year debate on the matter. The bumpy, oily, bright red fruit, which resembles the shape of a scorpion tail at the base, is grown by Ed Currie, and is nearly as hot as most standard …

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