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Amy Van Dyken Rouen Severs Spine in ATV Accident

Amy Van Dyken Rouen, six-time Olympic gold medalist, severed her spine in an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accident near her Scottsdale, AZ home on Friday. Van Dyken, 41, and husband Tom Rouen were coming home from dinner Friday night when the ATV she was driving hit a curb in a restaurant parking lot and tumbled down a five- to seven-foot embankment. …

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Apple Store Robbed in Scottsdale: Three Arrested

In Scottsdale, Arizona, an Apple store was broken into by a group of six suspects, all in their teens. A security officer called 911 at 2 AM on the 3rd of January, alarming authorities after discovering the smashed glass, stolen goods, and the thieves running out down the street. The merchandise totaled with the damage is estimated to be over …

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