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Lisa Kudrow Loses Battle Against Ex-Manager, Plans to Appeal

Lisa Kudrow finds herself in an unfriendly battle with her ex-manager Scott Howard. Howard claims Kudrow and he made an oral agreement that ensures that he still gets paid a percentage of her earnings from Friends’ residuals. Howard states that he was owed  five percent of Kudrow’s continued payments from Friends reruns. He argues that because she obtained the job …

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Lisa Kudrow: Court Orders Actress To Pay $1.6M To Former Manager

Former Friends star Lisa Kudrow lost a legal battle with her former manager, Scott Howard. On Tuesday, a California jury returned its verdict in a civil lawsuit filed by Howard against the actress in 2008. Howard, who was Kudrow’s manager for 16 years starting in 1991, claimed that the Web Therapy star made a breach of contract when she failed …

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Lisa Kudrow Loses Lawsuit, Must Pay $1.6 Million

Lisa Kudrow of Friends fame lost the civil lawsuit her former manager filed against her. The jury awarded the plaintiff in the case, Scott Howard, $1.6 million. Howard filed the suit, claiming he was owed residual payment from Kudrow’s days on Friends. In a 10 to 2 decision in favor of Scott Howard, the jury determined the actress is liable …

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Lisa Kudrow Testifies Against Former Manager

Lisa Kudrow testified on Thursday against a former manager who handled her affairs during her days as a Friends star. Scott Howard claims the actress owes him 5 percent of her earnings between 1991 and 2007. Howard filed the suit against Kudrow back in 2008 and the case has been making its way through several courts. The Friends star–known for …

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Lisa Kudrow Being Sued By Ex-Manager For Millions

How well does an oral agreement between two parties hold up in court? If you’re a lawyer you probably already know the answer to this question, but if you’re someone who isn’t, and you’ve been paying attention to the trial of ex-Friends star Lisa Kudrow and her former manager Scott Howard, you’re probably wondering how everything will play out. Howard …

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