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Scotch: 6,000 Gallons Catch Fire In New Jersey

Scotch, like anything worth consuming, is pretty dangerous around an open flame or anything that creates sparks. So when a truck carrying 6,000 gallons of it hit a car in New Jersey and overturned on Tuesday, it went up pretty quickly. Authorities say the truck was in a mixed residential and commercial neighborhood when the driver tried to navigate a …

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Scotch Maker Experiments With Maturation In Space

Most of the time, science makes me smile. Every now and then, science makes me grin like a drunk schoolboy. This is one of those times. Ardbeg Distillery, a Scotch whisky distillery on the isle of Islay in Scotland, is currently in the process of testing something amazing. They wanted to know how gravity affects the maturation of Scotch. In …

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