SCO Thwarted In Unix Decision

SCO Thwarted In Unix Decision

By WebProNews Staff August 13, 2007

A federal judge ruled the copyrights to the Unix operating system belong to Novell, not SCO, after years of aggressive litigation by SCO.

MySQL Network For SCO OpenServer 6

The SCO Group announced availability of the MySQL Network for SCO OpenServer 6 at the National Retail Federation Show on Monday. This will allow their customers and channel partners to benefit from high performance, low-cost, easy-to-manage solutions platform.

IBM Tosses Some Claims In SCO Case

IBM has agreed to drop its patent infringement countersuit against SCO, an action that should help move the case along toward a resolution.

SCO Unable To Prove Its Linux Claims

The disclosure of a 2002 email demonstrates its investigation of Linux source code found no infringement.

SCO May Be Delisted From Nasdaq

SCO shares went down after the company said it faces potential delisting from the Nasdaq SmallCap Market.

Transfer SCO Acucobol to Linux
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I doubt I’ll see too many more of these, but I had a call from someone with a crashed SCO 3.2v4.2 system.

Email Linking Microsoft to SCO Confirmed

SCO spokesman Blake Stowell has confirmed that a memo indicating Microsoft is funding SCO’s attacks on Linux is legitimate. The memo was leaked last week to Eric Raymond by “an anonymous whistleblower.”

Response to SCO’s Open Letter

Eric Raymond and Bruce Perens respond to the SCO Group: Mr. McBride, in your “Open Letter to the Open Source Community” your offer to negotiate with us comes at the end of a farrago of falsehoods, half-truths, evasions, slanders, and misrepresentations. You must do better than this. We will not attempt to erect a compromise with you on a foundation of dishonesty.

SCO OSR5.0.6

Because of an unexpected schedule change, I found myself with a whole day open one recent Tuesday.

SCO Openserver release 5.0.7


There is a lot to like in the 5.0.7 release of SCO Openserver. Support for IDE CD-RW and DVD-RAM (you need other tools to actually write to this media, but the important kernel support is built in), more USB devices (though not printers or modems), P4, Xeon, and AMD Athlon processors, UDMA 100 and 133 hard drives, PCI serial and parallel cards, LS-120 and LS-240 IDE drives (see “man Sflp”, not “sflp” as the documentation suggests) , several Gigabit network cards, and more PCMCIA support.

The Netscape server is gone, replaced by Apache, OpenSSH is built in, sendmail is at 8.11 (which of course will need immediate updating), and you now have a choice of Mozilla or Netscape for GUI browsers and Lynx is included for character mode.