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MySpace In Trouble Over School Threats

After students at a San Antonio high school posted messages on MySpace threatening the school, the school district said it would hold MySpace “accountable” for the problem.

New School PR

In a previous post I driveled on the idea that the PR services industry is entering a bit of a transition period and that old school agency business models need to evolve to keep in line with changing market conditions and a growing DIY business mentality.

New Law: Auctioneer School For Ebayers?

All around the United States, state regulators are increasingly miffed at the revenue loss due to eBay auctioneers’ insistence they don’t need to go to auctioneer school to peddle their (or somebody else’s) wares online. Every few months, another state says enough is enough and the various Sheriffs of Nottingham want their cuts.

School Kids Search Too

One week left. That’s it. One week from the time this piece is being written the school doors open and the dog-days come to a close.

AOL Reveals Top Back To School Searches

It’s that time of year to round your kids up and get them ready to return to the world of academia, otherwise known as Back to School. To many, this time of the year is as big of shopping period as any of the other spending holidays, save Christmas.

What Role Will Web Designers Play in an RSS World?

Right now the number of Internet users who subscribe to RSS feeds is tiny. Have no fear, it will rise dramatically in the years ahead.

Google Not Talking To CNET – A PR Lesson

This was bouncing around in the blogs last week, but now it’s in the New York Times. Google PR is not talking to CNET until July 2006 …

Arizona School Ditches Textbooks For Notebooks

One public school in Vail, Arizona will see its 350 students toting laptops to classes instead of hefty paper books.

Knowing Right From Wrong Is Intuitive

Last month, 119 applicants to Harvard Business School followed a link on a Business Week message board to access a website containing confidential information about their admittance, a Financial Times report says.

PR Face2Face: Jerry Swerling, Principal of Swerling & Associates

Jerry Swerling has more than 30 years of experience as a senior-level communications professional and educator. Today he serves in two capacities.

Sony Robot Making Grade In School

The Qrio robot developed by Sony Intelligence Dynamics Laboratories attends a nursery school in California.

TiVo Boards the Cluelesstrain

Engineer Jeremy back here again, a little late pulling into the station. Sometimes, the cluelesstrain is on time, sometimes it’s not.

Viral Marketing – Is It Infectious?

In a thesis from Copenhagen Business School Viral Marketing is said to be relevant for “nearly every type of organisation”.

Newspaper Gives School Official a Blog

The St. Petersburg Times in Florida has given a local newsmaker his own blog on the paper’s Web site …

PR Face2Face: David Kistle, 2004-2005 IABC Chairman

PR Face2Face is a special series of interviews with the top public relations and publicity professionals in the country, as well as with people involved in the public relations world. The first part of the fifth installment is David Kistle, the current chairman of IABC.

Microsoft Blogger Scoble Has Fans In Siberia

Wharton’s Managing Technology: Blogs, Everyone? Weblogs Are Here to Stay, but Where Are They Headed…

Yak Shaving and Other Blogosphere Tales
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Today’s one of those Sundays when yak shaving seems to be the order of the day. A day of catching up with much-neglected email and prep for the week ahead.

Five Questions To Ask A Technical Training School — BEFORE Signing Up
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As with any field, there are good technical training schools, and bad ones. When you sign up with one of these schools, you’ve made a significant investment in time and money.

How to Design Your Website Right the First Time

Corporate Website Design and Image:

The image your website design projects on the internet is one of the most important aspects you need to keep in mind at all times when choosing a website design firm or designing the website yourself.

AOL Awards Grants to Middle and High Schools

Literacy and mentoring programs, media and technology advancement, career counseling, ethics seminars and character-building initiatives are among the innovative approaches to realizing the dreams of youth that will be supported by the third annual AOL Aspirations Fund grants, announced today by America Online.

Back in the Day: Old School Search

Before we can determine where we’re going we must know where we began. Instead of exploring the entire complex history of search, let’s glimpse into the past of today’s most popular search engines and try to guess what the future may hold.