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Kindergarten Brawl Breaks Out Over Spilled Juice

A kindergarten brawl at a Cleveland school was caused by the most innocuous of incidents – spilled juice. The AP reports that a brawl broke out at the Michael R. White Elementary School during a graduation ceremony on Friday. At the end of it all, eight people were arrested. The brawl reportedly started with some spilled juice. After that, two …

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Gates Foundation Gives $1.1 Million for Mood Bracelets

When I was in college we were given these scantron sheets to fill out to judge how well a teacher was doing. Imagine if you were in high school again and you had to wear a bracelet that was able to record biometrics to determine how interested you were during a lecture on the theory of relativity? That is exactly …

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Facebook In School: Social Media Scrutinized

Facebook is often at the center of controversy, especially when it comes to pre-teens and their involvement of the social media tool in school. As reported recently, teachers and students alike find themselves in hot water as a result of Facebook use at school. Some learning facilities have even banned the use of social media in the past, according to …

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Wisconsin School Buys iPads With Microsoft’s Money

Two weeks ago Apple announced its new textbook initiative. Thanks to an update to the iBooks software for iPad, and agreements with the three largest textbook publishers, the company would start bringing interactive electronic textbooks to students everywhere. Schools in Madison, Wisconsin will be getting a total of 1400 iPads over the course of this year. According to a report …

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Twitter Alternative To Raising Hands For Shy Students

Twitter was always considered a distraction when I was in school, now it might be a teacher aide. The Courier Mail in Australia is reporting that new research from Southern Cross University has found strong benefits for the use of Twitter in the classroom by shy students who might not be comfortable raising their hands. Southern Cross business lecturer Jeremy …

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