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Optimizing for Yellow Pages

How many AAA companies do you know of? AAA insurance did it most notably with insurance. Insurance is competitive.

Yahoo Releases School Search Service

Yahoo’s unveiled a new search tool that may prove extremely valuable to parents. Created in conjunction with GreatSchools.net, the service allows users to search for elementary, middle, and high schools within a particular city or zip code. The tool then provides fairly detailed reports on the schools it finds.

One Alt Attribute at a Time

It’s so easy to forget the universe extends past our own elbows. I was trying to recall when I first became interested in website accessibility, and I can’t remember.

Microsoft Designs School of the Future

Microsoft aids in the design of a $46 million Philadelphia public school that will pave the way for schools in the future.

10% Google Checkout Coupon For Back To School

Google Checkout is offering 10% off at many merchants through the end of the month.

ASP.NET School For The Online Mind

A New Jersey firm now offers three online courses in ASP.NET programming, delivered through a browser.

SES 2006: The School Of Link Bait

Creating link bait, or Web content so compelling it spreads faster than a stomach flu on a cruise ship, is a lot like developing a sense of humor – or like figuring out when its okay to use a metaphor and a simile in the same sentence.

Sonasoft Experiences Record Growth

Business is booming for Sonasoft, a San Jose-based company specializing in backup, recovery, and replication software. According to the latest press release, both revenue and customer installations grew by 200 percent in the first half of 2006.

Case Study on Enterprise Wiki and Blog Use

Socialtext released an update to the Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (DrKW) case study on enterprise wiki and blog use.

No Yahoo Stake For Microsoft

Microsoft did offer Yahoo CEO Terry Semel a deal where Microsoft would get a stake in Yahoo’s search business, but suggestions that Bill Gates was ready to buy Yahoo simply didn’t happen.

Patent Office Preps Peer Review

Critics of the US Patent Office get their chance to put their expertise where their blogs are and participate in a new peer review initiative aimed at finding patents that are obvious creations and thus not qualified for a patent.

MySpace Threat Empties LA School

Every Spring, towards the end of the school year, somebody would invariably call in a bomb threat. We were all pretty sure it was a hoax to get us out of school half a day early, but we were always dutifully shuffled out. But, who needs phones these days when you have MySpace?

Customer Referrals: Viral Marketing Goes Old School

Getting referral business and new customers, through recommendations by satisfied customers and clients, is a dream of most business owners and managers.

PodTech Debuts PodSummit

The good folks at PodTech continue to grow their InfoTalk Network.

Business Blogs: Old School Marketers Take Note

Not everyone is keen on starting and maintaining a business blog. They are not at the top of everyone’s business or marketing plan. While that might arrive as a shock to most of you; it’s true.

Cool Tablet PC school

On10.net there’s a cool school that uses Tablet PCs and requires all the fifth graders to have one.

Computer Training School Tutorial: Know Your Instructor

Making the decision to attend a computer tech school can be one of the best decisions of your life.

MySpace Prompts School To Warn Parents
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A Midwestern private school has sent home warnings about students placing personal information on the popular networking site MySpace.com.

My Story – On Learning about Blogs

2005 was an incredible year for me. Six months ago, I was “working for the man” and now, I am trying “to be the man.”

Private Schools Versus Teen Bloggers

Some private schools have taken extreme steps to quell the use of blogs and social networking sites by their students; teens just want to express themselves.

School Settles With Student Over Web Site

Kids are fighting authority and winning. In a recent case in New Jersey, a school district will pay out $117,500 to a student they punished for putting up his own website critical of the school district.