School Violence Articles

Paine College Shooting Leaves One Critically Injured

A second shooting Monday within a 24-hour time period at Paine College in Augusta, Georgia has left one student seriously wounded. The victim was shot in the head inside a dormitory, and the the injury is life threatening. A 21-year-old …

Milford Stabbing Suspect Under Psych Evaluation

Defense attorney Richard Meehan said Saturday that the 16-year-old Milford, Connecticut stabbing suspect has been committed to a mental hospital to undergo psychiatric evaluation, after murdering 16-year-old Maren Sanchez at Jonathan Law High School Friday. The suspect will likely remain …

Spring High School Stabbing Leaves 1 Dead, Kids Afraid
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Spring High School, located about 20 miles north of Houston, was the scene of a bloody confrontation this morning after four students were involved in a fight that escalated into violence. 17-year old Joshua Broussard was stabbed to death in …

Thoughts On A YouTube Generation
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A little over ten years ago, my father retired from 30 years of teaching middle school world history and geography, and my mother kicked herself upstairs to the countywide administrative level after 25 years of teaching law and justice and geography. (Yeah, I know my social studies, right?) Before their departures from the classroom, though they have agreed on little else since I’ve known them, they agreed on this: Kids are different these days.