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Google Reveals Confidential User Information?

While last week’s suggestion that Yahoo was switching browser preferences without explicit permission, was a black mark for the company, it doesn’t come close to the allegations that Google has revealed confidential information about its users.

Google Goes To The Middle East

Google CEO Eric Schmidt spoke recently at the Arab Strategy Forum, and he made some thought-provoking predictions about the region’s future. “The next story in the development of the Arab world,” Schmidt said, “will be the unleashing of the power of the Arab entrepreneur.”

Schmidt: Internet Will Determine Next Election

The most recent round of elections had a lot of people thinking about the Internet’s role in politics. Most onlookers agree that it is becoming increasingly important; Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, believes that politicians must adapt. “The ones that take advantage of this most effectively will be the ones that will be the winners of the next election,” he said.

VA Tech Says Google CEO Is “The Schmidt”

Google founder Eric Schmidt has given a donation to Virginia Tech’s School of Engineering in the sum of $2 million dollars. Schmidt grew up in Blacksburg and was the son of a Virginia Tech economics professor. He was also a neighbor to Paul Torgersen a former Dean of Tech’s College of Engineering and president from 1993 to 2000.

Eric Schmidt Talks User Portability of Data

WEB 2.0: Google CEO: Take your data and run – Network World One of the things that all internet companies need to do a better job on is in ensuring that our users have portability of data. So it was refreshing to read this morning that Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, was talking up user portability today.

It’s Like Eric Schmidt Is Speaking Through An API

The “Conversation with Eric Schmidt” was interesting for a couple of reasons yesterday at the Web 2.0 Summit.

A Chat With Google’s Eric Schmidt

Dan Farber has a good summary of John Battelle’s chat with Eric Schmidt at this week’s Web 2.0 Summit.

Conversation With Google CEO Eric Schmidt

4:20: The grand ballroom for the welcome message and a talk by Google CEO Eric Schmidt was packed; I skipped upstairs to a swank overflow room catered by Google. Remember those Google snack rooms? They turned this room into one of them.

Getting Hired At Google Just Got Easier (Maybe)
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Some people would have you believe that it’s easier to get a job with the CIA than with Google. Google has a reputation for putting applicants – who must already meet very high standards – through at least six or so rigorous interviews. The company is in the process of changing its hiring procedures, though, and the changes may make things easier on those would-be Googlers.

No More New Products from Google?

The LA Times’ Chris Gaither reveals Google’s plans to pull-back from launching new products and instead focus on making the 35 it has, more usable.

Schmidt: The Internet Empowers Us

Google CEO Eric Schmidt penned a column for British publication The Sun Online, where he cited several examples of how people have become empowered by the availability of an online connection and new technology.

How to Tell if a Google Deal Means Anything

We already know why Google announces so many useless partnerships, or at least one fringe benefit for the company, which is to signify that everyone is on its side, not Yahoo’s or Microsoft’s.

SES: Schmidt on Privacy, Proprietary Algorithms

The sensitivity of search string data is suddenly on everyone’s mind due to news of the AOL data leak on a research site this week.

Old Media, New Media Make Peace

Why buy a newspaper when you can find the same content online for free? As this line of reasoning has occurred to more and more people, there has been something of a hubbub over the way in which Internet news could draw revenue away from more traditional companies. Now it appears the potential rivals are coming to terms with each other.

Google CEO Expresses Support For Net Neutrality

The CEO of Google has a few words to say (or type, anyway) about Net Neutrality. Speaking not just for himself, but on behalf of the company, Eric Schmidt asks “you to take action to protect Internet freedom.”

Schmidt: Google Has Just Begun

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt told media attendees at Press Day that search is the inevitable outcome of what is and will happen on the Internet. The Internet has started a new phase, according to Schmidt, and Google is ready to lead the way to it.

Eric Schmidt Goes To AOL

Looks like Google CEO Eric Schmidt is lecturing AOLers, now that Google owns a piece.

Below The Belt?

Okay, now Valleywag is making some not-so-veiled accusations about Eric Schmidt. Are they hinting at what I think they’re hinting at?

Schmidt: Theres Money In Them Thar Media

When Wall Street’s darling stock plummets upon missed earnings estimates, folks tend to concentrate so much on the recent numbers, they miss the subtleties of side comments on the future.

Google Passes 2005 In Blog Style

The official Google blog has been the search advertising company’s way of discussing its business moves and other actions over the course of the previous year.

Schmidt Defends Google Print

Google is currently embroiled in a bitter battle with publishers over their Google Print entity. A lawsuit filed last week by the Author’s Guild and the Association of American Publishers (AAP) challenged Google over their Print plans. During a speech in Tokyo, Google CEO Eric Schmidt called the lawsuit a “routine part of doing business.”