‘New Girl’s’ Schmidt Guesting on ‘The Mindy Project’

‘New Girl’s’ Schmidt Guesting on ‘The Mindy Project’

By Alexandria Sardam February 4, 2014

New Girl’s Schmidt (Max Greenfield) will be guesting on The Mindy Project. That’s right, Greenfield will be playing a hot player who is totally up to no good. The episode is tentatively set for April 22nd on Fox. The highly …

Schmidt Speaks From the Lion’s Den

It’s one thing to talk about Net Neutrality and a little regulation to a crowd of digerati idealists. It’s quite another to bring that up at the Masters of the Universe Ball.

Schmidt Talks Freedom; China Still Out Of Luck

Google CEO Eric Schmidt ascended to the Aspen Summit to discuss what freedom and openness means to his company and its customers.

Eric Schmidt Becoming A Media Mogul

Google will become a distributor of original content through its AdSense network, with contributions from ‘Family Guy’ creator Seth MacFarlane and Disney Channel star Raven-Symon

‘Web 3.0,’ Apparently, Has Interchangeable Parts

If Eric Schmidt’s right, the business world is in for another love-hate relationship around the bend: so-called Web 3.0. I say "so-called" because it’s kinda silly. But Schmidt’s interpretation of this hypothetical means, inherently, even more control for the consumer, and less for the seller/marketer/developer.

Google Seeks Edge In Voice Traffic Talks

As part of Google’s ongoing efforts to broaden its network, the company has been actively seeking strategic negotiators for submarine networks, and for IP transit services.

Google Cracking Under Pressure from Viacom?

It’s interesting to follow the Viacom lawsuit against Google. While Google’s faced many legal challenges before, it appears Viacom’s is the one that is troubling the search engine. It’s somewhat out of character to see Google CEO Eric Schmidt talk ugly about a company that is suing them – Google tends to comment via legal counsel – and it suggests the suit is a worry to him.

Questions For Semel, Schmidt, And Sullivan

There are questions we would love to have answered from some of the top figures in the search industry: a pair of CEOs and the search world’s most respected pundit.

Schmidt Calls Web “Powerful Force For Democracy”

Google may or may not be on democracy’s side in countries such as Thailand and China – CEO Eric Schmidt apparently isn’t saying.  Yet, while speaking in South Korea, Schmidt made clear that the Internet, as a whole, can help spread this particular system of government.

Schmidt Pleased With Chinese Chief’s Performance

How’s this for a job: run the foreign arm of a gigantic corporation, and don’t worry about making any money for, oh, four or so years.  That’s apparently what Google’s Kai-Fu Lee has been told to do in China.  Yet Lee has other responsibilities, and CEO Eric Schmidt claims to be more than satisfied with the man’s performance.

Google Plus DoubleClick: Truthiness and Trustiness

The Google Acquisition of DoubleClick has Microsoft and AT&T screeching "Monopoly!" to the US Department of Justice (DOJ) Antitrust division. In a video interview with John Batelle at WebProNews last week, Google CEO Eric Schmidt responded to a comment from Batelle about "anti-competitive practices" by reacting in what seemed like mock surprise. "Microsoft! … AT&T?

Schmidt Defends DoubleClick Buy, Net Neutrality
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At the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, Google CEO Eric Schmidt spoke with Federated Media’s John Battelle to discuss Google’s purchase of DoubleClick, Network Neutrality, and the company’s seemingly aggressive movement into Microsoft territory with the release of a new PowerPoint-like web application.

Web 2.0 Expo: Schmidt Keynote Highlights
Thanks to the great wifi here, this lengthy post was completely erased when I tried posting. Here we go again, this time with feeling.

John Battelle interviewed Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the Web 2.0 Expo keynote Tuesday morning. Here are the highlights and my commentary:

Schmidt: Google’s Beyond Search Now

Just about everyone has an opinion on what Google is and where they are going. A recent interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt with Wired reveals what he thinks Google is and what the future holds for the company.

News Corp. Not Competing w/ YouTube?
Wired Magazine has another interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt today. They cover everything from Steve Ballmer’s recent attacks on Google (which Eric tactfully declines to coment on directly) to News Corp’s proposed YouTube killer to rumored deals with Apple.

A few highlights from Schmidt:

Schmidt: YouTube Growth ‘Fundamental’
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As the debate continues about YouTube’s impact on Big Media, Google CEO Eric Schmidt made it quite clear where he falls on the issue: “The growth of YouTube, the growth of online, is so fundamental that these companies are going to be forced to work with and in the Internet.”

Schmidt Bores The DC Crowd

Any collection of technology-oriented folks would love to have a lavish lunch and listen to Google CEO Eric Schmidt talk about online issues; in the nation’s Capital, interest levels run a little lower.

If I were to offer you a nice lunch at a luxury hotel followed by a speech and a question and answer session with Eric Schmidt, you might be appreciative. Probably grateful.