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Schemer Adds Google Offers To Your To-Do List

Google Schemer, Google’s most recent answer to Foursquare, is now being used to bring you Google Offers. Who would have thought? “We have been pilot-testing this Google Offers integration for the past few weeks and have received wonderful feedback from our users (thanks!). We’re now excited to open it up to more users,” writes Schemer Front-end Engineer Huy Nguyen on …

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Google Schemer iPhone App Hits The App Store

The iPhone app for Google’s intriguing new Schemer service hit the iOS App Store today, continuing Google’s fine tradition of apps that are feature-rich and aesthetically just okay (for the exception that proves the rule, see the new Google+ app). What’s that you say? You’ve never heard of Schemer? Well, that’s okay. Google hasn’t actually made too big a deal …

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Google Schemer Wants to Help You Find Stuff to Do

Google is branching out in a unique direction today with the launch today of Schemer. Schemer is a service developed by a self-described “scrappy group of Google engineers who wanted to help people do fun stuff in the real world.” Though the service will undoubtedly have a social component – probably linked to Google+ – it does not appear to …

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