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Scentee Wants To Make Your Phone Smell Like A Rose

In May of last year, Japanese company ChatPerf introduced the Scentee – a smartphone accessory that shoots out puffs of scented vapor. It was a bizarre product, but the kind of product that some consumers would really go for. If you happen to like the idea of puffing strawberry vapor out of your phone, your dreams are now a reality. …

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Jimmy Kimmel and the Ol’ Scented iPhone Gag [VIDEO]

So, scented iPhone notifications are totally a thing – as in a real thing that exists. A Japanese company has produced what they call Scentee, a product that attaches to the headphone socket of your device and emits a scent whenever you receive a notification. The product works with a companion app, which tells it when to give off an …

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Send Odors Through Your Smartphone With Scentee

Smell-O-Vision was a short lived idea in the 1960s that never really took off. Even so, people have tried to communicate smells through electronic transmission for quite some time now. One new smartphone accessory may have finally perfected it. Say hello to Scentee, a new accessory from Japanese company ChatPerf. It’s a small attachment for mobile devices that disperses scents …

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