Google Bouncer Scanning Android Market For Malware

Google Bouncer Scanning Android Market For Malware

By Zach Walton February 2, 2012

Are you afraid of malicious software on the Android Market? Google has you covered. Today on the Google Mobile Blog, Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s VP of Engineering for Android, announced a new software system for Android phones called “Bouncer.” It provides …

Kicking Shows More Respect Than Ignoring?

There’s a bit of debate lately due to a Microsoft lawyer bashing Google’s book scanning program and their positions on copyright. It’s one of those stories everybody has to comment on, despite merely being a case of one company sniping at another, so naturally I stayed the hell away from it. Still, Lawrence Lessig made an argument that so defines the opposite of compelling that I had to say something:

Quality Niche Content Websites

Niche websites:

Google Reads Up On Book Downloads

Visitors to Google Book Search will have the opportunity to download and print classic titles from the service. Sometime today, Google Book Search should open its virtual doors to literary fans and allow them to download PDF copies of certain titles, and to print them.

Trend Micro To Continue Scanning Hotmail

Microsoft has agreed to extend Trend Micro’s contract with MSN and permit it to continue providing antivirus scanning and cleaning for Hotmail’s 230 million email accounts.

NY Public Library Hosting Google, Scanning Foes

An event to be held in New York will have Google in attendance, along with representatives from the Authors Guild and the American Association of Publishers.

Microsoft Scanning British Library

The competition with Google Print begins in the UK as Microsoft and the British Library have reached an agreement that will see 100,000 books digitized.

Google Print Scanning Returns Tuesday

The moratorium Google announced to allow publishers time to discuss the project ends November 1, and the search engine company plans to resume book scanning as scheduled.

Controversial Google Print Scanning Europe

The search engine company has begun scanning books in eight European countries and will digitize books in their local languages.

Google Print Extends, Embraces European Books

Google has extended its controversial book scanning and indexing program to non-English language works.

Proper Scanning Resolution

One thing to master about scanning is the proper scanning resolution. The proper resolution to scan depends on how you intended it to be used.

Google To Scan Millions of Library Books

Google announced yesterday that they have agreements with several large libraries to scan books whose copyrights have expired.

Help Their Eyes Find It

Every one of your visitors is barraged daily with massive quantities of information. So are you. So am I. How do we cope? We become remarkably selective in our consumption of the stuff. Some folks say this is a function of impatience – I figure it’s a basic survival skill.