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Internet Radio Is Saved By Congress

There is new hope for Pandora and other webcasters, but any deal is far from done.

Webcasting Reprieved At Last Minute

New royalty rates for webcasting go into effect on Sunday, but SoundExchange will not immediately attempt to collect them from members of the Copyright Royalty Board.

DC To Webcasters: Drop Dead
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Whatever happens with web radio from this point forward will depend on whatever concessions webcasters can wrest from SoundExchange and the record labels that back it.

Yahoo Turns Off The Radio

A Day of Silence has swept across the bandwidth of a number of music webcasting services as they protest new royalty rates that could put them out of business for good.

The Day the Web Goes Silent
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Not a moment of silence, but a full day of silence is planned by US-based webcasters, lots of them, in protest of the Copyright Royalty Board’s increase in royalty rates. Internet radio stations argue the rate hikes are disproportionate and will shut down the entire Web radio industry.

Small Webcasters Offered Royalty Discount

SoundExchange, the U.S. organization that collects online royalties for the music industry, says that it will allow smaller Internet radio stations pay a reduced fee.