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“Sausage Party” Gets Talented Voice Cast

“Sausage Party”, an upcoming animated feature by Seth Rogen and his band of salty buddies, is attracting a pretty talented cast of actors to do the voicework. Written by Rogen and longtime creative partner Evan Goldberg (“This Is The End”), the story focuses on a lonely sausage that falls out of a shopping cart and has to rely on a …

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Seth Rogen: Hobby Lobby, “The Interview”, “…The End”

Seth Rogen may well rank among the busiest guys in Hollywood. This week, the star is grabbing the headlines over Hobby Lobby turmoil, casting for his new film and the DVD release of his hit, This Is The End. For his Twitter followers, Rogen is keeping the arts and crafts big box store Hobby Lobby in the hot seat over …

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