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The Nation’s First: A Kentucky Fried Satellite

When you think of Kentucky, you think of (if you’re being polite like you should be) horses, bourbon, the Colonel, and the nicest darn people this side of the Pearly Gates. But would you, in a million years, think space program? Not government subsidized acreage, ya hickthe satellite business.

AT&T Enters Satellite Broadband Ring

A large percentage of the U.S. is still dialing up Internet service, especially in rural areas where broadband is unavailable due to lack of infrastructure. The expense of laying that infrastructure has Internet providers looking to satellite-based services as a work-around.

Global Satellite Imagery Added to Yahoo! Maps

Today Yahoo! has added global satellite imagery to Yahoo! Maps beta.

Ask Challenges The Online Mapping Crowd

Ask.com launched its revamped Maps product at SES 2006 NY last week to the warm approval of users, and called out its competition on imagery quality.

cNet Uses Google Earth Imagery in NFL Contest

cNet (news.com) has come up with another clever contest using imagery from Google Earth.. funny, I could have sworn that clipping and reposting images from Google Earth on a commercial website was against the terms of use??

The Google Satellite… huh???

theinquirer (a popular UK-based news resource – www.theinquirer.net) figures that rooftop advertising – something that’s been going on long before google earth came along – is now gaining popularity due to the popularity of Google Earth.

Web And Satellite Radio Delivers Professional Young Men

Who’s listening to web and satellite radio? According to BIGresearch, the vast majority of Web radio fans are young professional men with active spending habits.

South Korea Not Pleased With Google Maps

Apparently, Google’s satellite mapping technology is working a little too well for the comfort of the South Korean leadership structure.

Motorola, Yahoo Deal Could Challenge Satellite Radio

The global number 2 handset maker will preinstall Yahoo services on its Linux and Java platform mobile phones.

Napster Turns it Up With XM Satellite Radio

Napster and XM Satellite Radio have joined forces under a strategic partnership to integrate Napster’s online music services and XM’s satellite radio service.

Road trip report on my Sirius radio

My step mom is in town, so yesterday we drove for 10 hours through Northern Washington (went across the Cascades). Stunning scenery.

Best Music Still Free!

A new study just released from IDC says that while things like satellite radio and music downloads are growing in usage, old-fashioned formats like FM radio and CDs still rule the roost.

Google Maps Updates, Increases Satellite Coverage
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Since the integration of Keyhole’s satellite technology into their mapping service, Google Maps has become incredibly popular and quite useful. The use of high-resolution images puts portions of the globe in the palms of their visitors’ hands; and it appears as if this ability will only increase.

Satellite Radio Takes Off To The Great White North

Canadian radio listeners will have the opportunity to subscribe to a pair of satellite radio providers.

Google Maps In 3-D?

Apparently, search engine mapping services have become all the rage. Since the launch of the Google Maps satellite service, real-time, image-rich maps are in demand.

Samsung And Texas Instruments Deliver Satellite TV

Right now, the technology will be limited to users in South Korea, using a special broadcast format.

War Of The Virtual Worlds: Google Vs Microsoft

The search engine market heats up as Microsoft joins Google and other search providers by introducing mapping technology to searches.

MSN Virtual Earth Employs Satellite Technology
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Since the official beta launch of the Google Maps satellite technology feature, integrating real time satellite photos with online map services has become all the rage.

Hacks Increase Google Satellite Maps Usability
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A little over a month ago, Google introduced satellite technology, which was acquired from Keyhole, onto their Google Maps service.

India Launches Advanced Imaging Satellite

The deployment of CARTOSAT-1 signals India’s intent to attract more clients for satellite launch services.

AOL and XM Satellite Radio Cook Up New Service

XM Satellite Radio and America Online are teaming up to create a new online radio service.