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Malaysian Airlines: Chinese Satellite Spots Object

Another image of debris has been picked up by a Chinese satellite on Saturday, giving new hope for possible answers to the near three-week missing Malaysian flight MH370. The image is in close proximity to the other satellite images found by an Australian satellite earlier this week, in the remote stretch of the southern Indian Ocean, a vast expanse of …

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: The Search For Satellite Debris

The mystery of what happened to Malaysian Airlines flight 370 remains unsolved, and it is now day 13. Today, the only glimpse of a possible answer to this unending puzzle is two pieces of debris in the Indian Ocean, approximately 1500 miles southwest of Australia. A massive international search has been underway for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370, shortly after …

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Google Earth Scares The Spooks

The director of a U.S. intelligence agency has cautioned that the government may have to censor satellite images that could be a potential security threat to the country and its armed forces.

The warning came from Vice Admiral Robert Murret, director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, which provides security information using satellite imagery.

In an interview with the AP he said," If there was a situation where any imagery products were being used by adversaries to kill Americans, I think we should act."

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