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Mary-Kate Olsen Dating Former French President’s Bro
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File this under reasonably creepy: Mary-Kate Olsen, the girl most of us of a certain age remember as “Michelle” on the ’90s sitcom “Full House”, is dating Olivier Sarkozy. Sarkozy is the managing director for the Carlyle Group, but more …

Sarkozy Wants Google, Facebook to Pay Tax in France Sarkozy Wants Google, Facebook to Pay Tax in France

French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared Wednesday that “Internet Giants” should pay taxes in France, shortly before a meeting with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. Sarkozy stated that “it is unacceptable that they have a turnover of several billion euros in France …

Sarkozy Unveils His New Facebook Timeline Sarkozy Unveils His New Facebook Timeline
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French President Nicolas Sarkozy recently unveiled his new Facebook Timeline, and some of his opponents are thinking that Facebook might have helped with this directly, according to France 24. Sarkozy’s new Timeline contains roughly 700 pictures, dating back to his …

French President Becomes Online Sensation
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French President Nicolas Sarkozy is receiving a lot of attention online for a video in which he tells a bystander to "get lost".

Sarkozy was filmed by a journalist from the newspaper Le Parisien while attending an annual farm fair in Paris on Saturday. Sarkozy went to shake a mans hand who in response said," Don’t touch me, you are soiling me." Sarkozy replied while still smiling," Get lost, dumb ass."

French President Proposes Tax On Internet

French President Nicholas Sarkozy has proposed banning advertising on public television and recovering some of the lost revenue by taxing the Internet and mobile phones.