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PandoDaily: New Tech News Site From TechCrunch All Stars PandoDaily: New Tech News Site From TechCrunch All Stars
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The “four biggest voices” who left TechCrunch (Sarah Lacy’s words) have started PandoDaily, a new tech site aimed at covering start-ups that sounds, well, exactly like TechCrunch. Lacy is leading the charge, and the site will also feature writing from …

Twitter And The Mark Zuckerberg Interview

When I arrived 15-minutes into the now famous interview of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, by BusinessWeek reporter Sarah Lacy the audience had already turned (it was two days ago and it still is the #1 topic of conversation on blogs and at SXSW, which is the conference that this happened at).

SXSW Crowd Turns On Reporter
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BusinessWeek’s Sarah Lacy says she did her best interviewing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during yesterday’s SXSW keynote. The (hostile) crowd there begs to differ.

Add to the drama a quote destined for the annals of the Professional Journalism Hall of Fame, if there is such a thing, a message to the crowd from Ms. Lacy: