Santa Articles

What If Santa Used PayPal?

Sometimes, thinking up a unique gift for that almost-special-enough-to-give-a-real-gift someone in your life is just more of a commitment than you’re willing to suffer. In that Yuletide “I don’t have time for you” spirit, PayPal announced that merchants who accept PayPal…

The Next Wave in Video Communication

I received a press release in my email overnight from Stuart Jacobson at Santa Cruz Networks announcing vSkype, what looks to be a very cool tool for holding video conference calls via Skype.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Has A Great Year

Burlington Northern Santa Fe experienced their all-time record for quarterly earnings with a 49% increase from the fourth quarter a year before.

Marketing Lessons from Santa

If a nonexistent man can change the world and millions of people with a message of joy then his marketing plan surely works. Right? Then what has Santa been doing right all these years that we can learn from?