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Netflix Is Absolutely Dominating Data Traffic In North America [Report]

Data from a Sandvine report is making the rounds through the tech Blogosphere today, finding that together, Netflix and YouTube account for 50% of downstream traffic on fixed networks in North America, with Netflix dominating between the two. According to Sandvine, Netflix is the leading downstream application on the continent with 31.6% of the traffic. YouTube holds 18.6%. Netflix is …

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The Super Bowl Stole Eyes Away from the Internet

Although it may have felt like your Facebook news feed, Twitter streams, and other social media networks were flooded with updates about Beyonce, the big blackout, ads, and Joe Flacco – Super Bowl XLVII didn’t drive people online. In fact, it pulled them offline in a big way. Broadband traffic analysts Sandvine is reporting that this year saw a return …

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