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Sandra Bullock’s Gravity Take: At Least $70 Million

Sandra Bullock is poised to make some major bank from her film Gravity. The stars seem to have aligned for the savvy actress when she negotiated a pretty sweet deal that could very well lead to earnings of an estimated $70 million, according the The Hollywood Reporter. Bullock‘s deal includes $20 million up front plus 15 percent of the film’s …

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Sandra Bullock: $70 Million Richer for ‘Gravity’

Sandra Bullock is about to rake in about $70 million for her role in the hit film Gravity. Starring alongside the very handsome George Clooney in the film that is up for 10 awards at Sunday’s Oscars, she was guaranteed $20 million by Warner Bros. when she signed on. In addition she is under contract for 15% of theatrical revenue. …

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