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Obama Approves Sanctions on Cyber-Attackers

Today, President Obama signed an executive order that will allow the US government to go after those who perpetrate cyber attacks with sanctions “Cyber intrusions and attacks  – many of them originating overseas  – are targeting our businesses, stealing trade secrets, and costing American jobs,” says President Obama. “In response to these cyber threats, our government is using every tool …

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Ukraine Anti-Terror Campaign Begins in East Region

On Tuesday, acting president of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov surprised many by following-up on his ultimatum laid down against Russian sympathizers in Eastern Ukraine on Sunday. The deadline for Russian supporters to lay down their arms and submit peacefully expired at 0600 GMT Monday. When Ukrainian forces did not immediately respond with force, many in the international community believed Turchynov to …

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Obama Tells Romney, Russia Weak Not Strong

Since Putin invaded Crimea, conservatives have been commenting on how President Obama should not have dismissed Mitt Romney’s label of Russia, claiming the regime as America’s number one geopolitical foe. With the current actions of Putin and his power plays, many feel that Romney is a foreign policy expert and Obama as overwhelmed and naive. Those who didn’t respect and …

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US Imposes Sanctions on Russia Due to Crimean Crisis

Monday morning, the White House announced its second set of sanctions imposed against Russian and Crimean government officials and “cronies” due to the recent referendum passed in Crimea announcing the region’s intentions to separate from Ukraine and join with Russia. President Obama has signed an executive order which will block the financial assets and suspend any travel visas for certain …

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Ayatollah Khamenei Discusses US Enmity Toward Iran

In November, Iran, led by current president Hassan Rouhani, and the P5+1, comprised of the 5 permanent members on the UN Security Council (United States, China, Russia, United Kingdom, France) and Germany, came to terms regarding the cessation of certain aspects of Iran’s nuclear program in return for the lessening of non-major sanctions against Iran due to said production. Today, …

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