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California Expected to Set Water Restrictions

In an attempt to help curb the impact of a three-year drought, California is likely to soon issue a first-time mandatory water restriction. The California State Water Resources Control Board is expected to pass the emergency measure Tuesday, as reservoirs across the state and in the region are dwindling. Officials have stated that the new mandate would ban practices such …

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San Andreas Fault: Could Drought Make It Worse?

The drought in California is causing a lot of problems for residents, most of these problems are obvious, but one is harder to see. The drought has caused Californians to take water from underneath the Central Valley. This has caused the area to rise up at least six inches since it was first pumped for water in 1860. The rising …

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San Andreas Fault Affected by Irrigation

The San Andreas Fault, a continental transform that runs roughly 810 miles through California, is being affected by irrigation practices in the area, according to a study by Geologist Colin Amos from Western Washington University. Readings from GPS technology have shown that water levels in the San Joaquin Valley aquifer have lowered and that the mountains nearby have simultaneously risen, …

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San Andreas Fault Stressed By Irrigation

On Wednesday, the journal of Nature released their most recent findings regarding the San Andreas Fault. According to the study, excessive irrigation could be aggravating the fault, causing more frequent earthquakes. GPS readings have shown that parts of the floor of the San Joaquin Valley have been diminishing while the nearby mountains are being lifted higher. These motions are causing …

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