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Chicken Nugget Recall of Tyson Foods Product Sold at Sam’s Club

Tyson Foods has recalled 75,320 pounds of frozen chicken nuggets sold at Sam’s Club warehouse stores after some consumers complained of finding bits of plastic in their food, the company said Friday. The voluntary recall includes 5-pound bags of Tyson white meat frozen chicken nuggets that were sold at Walmart-owned Sam’s Club locations nationwide. According to the firm, based in …

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Chicken Nugget Recall: Tyson Recalls Nuggets Sold at Sam’s Club

Tyson Foods announced on Friday that the company is recalling thousands of pounds of their chicken nuggets. Two different chicken nugget products were included in the recall: five-pound bags of white meat chicken nuggets and 20-pound packs of nugget-shaped chicken breast patties. A whopping 75,320 pounds of nuggets were recalled because they were “contaminated with extraneous materials.” According to the …

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Sam’s Club Will Lay Off 2% Of Its Workers

In its largest wave of job cuts in four years, Wal-Mart Stores Inc announced Friday that it would be cutting 2 percent (2,300 jobs) of its workforce at its Sam’s Club retail warehouse chain; Sam’s Club has an estimated 116,000 U.S. employees with 600 locations nationwide. The layoffs are a reaction to compete with big name rivals like members-only warehouse …

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Sam’s Club Layoffs – Wal-Mart Cuts 2300 Jobs

Wal-Mart – the epitome of the fair employer who is currently being sued by the Feds for unfair labor laws and employment practices, is now cutting 2300 jobs from its membership only company, Sam’s Club. Today, Wal-Mart employs 2.2 million people worldwide and serves 200 million customers each week at more than 10,000 stores in 27 countries. The layoff is …

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