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Student Loan Debt: More Parents Not Helping

Student Loan Debt is becoming more and more the responsibility of the student, and less that of the parents. According to a Discover student loan survey, only 52% of parents said they were going to help their kids pay for student loans. That’s down from 58% last year. This news comes as student loan debt is skyrocketing and one in …

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Student Loans: Sallie Mae To Refund Military Members Who Paid Too Much Interest

Student loans are already bad enough, but the interest rates are what kills most graduates trying to pay it all back. With interest rates capped at 6 percen for military members, it’s not as bad as it could be. Unfortunately for some, their interest rates were not capped at the federal maximum. For those suffering under the burden of high …

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Debt Consolidation: Beware of Student Loan Scams

It seems that just about everyone has student loan debt at one time in their lives, and as far as debt is concerned, that seems to be the kind that holds on the longest. If you’re having trouble paying down your student loans, debt consolidation is sometimes the way to go. Wrapping several loans into one can make the payment …

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