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Google Names Armstrong Replacement

Dennis WoodsideGoogle’s head of American Advertising Sales and Operations Tim Armstrong recently left Google to become AOL’s new Chairman and CEO. Google has announced his replacement (staying within the company) with Dennis Woodside.

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Bopaboo’s Interesting MP3 ‘Pawning’ Service


A Look Inside A Very Controversial Startup

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Digital Music Sales To Rise Dramatically In The Next 5 Years

A new study by JupiterResearch, a Forrester Research company, predicts that digital music will grow from the current 18% to 41% of total sales in 5 years. Researchers credited stores like Amazon and the transition to mp3’s which make downloads portable for some of the increase.

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Online Sales Are Down, But Are They Out?

It’s officially over folks. We are going back to slide rules and abacuses. Throw away your computers because there is a report that in the first 23 days of November online sales overall is off – gulp- 4%. That’s right 4%.

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The Art of Selling Now

Forrester Research recently hosted a "Sales Enablement" roundtable, which featured sales and marketing executives from technology companies like Intel, NetApp, Borland, Informatica, Sun, Interwoven, Microchip, Renesas, Juniper Networks, Trend Micro, and Thoughtworks.

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How Does Slow Load Time Affect You?

In a world where more and more households are connected to the internet, bandwidth is becoming an issue and brownouts have been predicted to occur in the next few years. With the strain on the infrastructure of the internet this makes having an efficient, fast loading website all that much more important.

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Why Sex Sells, Online or Off

Sometimes you have to be careful not to too broadly apply the results of a study. In this case, I’m not sure if I can help it. Just call me out (as you often do) in the comments if you think I’ve done so. Two recent studies showed a strong correlation between sex hormones and monetary risks.

And that kind of explains everything. Like…

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MacBook Air Not Selling All That Well

Only Apple knows exactly how many MacBook Airs it expected to sell, and thus, only Apple knows whether current figures are disappointing.  Still, new findings suggest that people are doing more looking than buying, and that by year’s end, transactions involving the Air will account for only 16 percent of Mac sales.

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Monster’s President Of Global Sales Prepares To Go

As the economy tanks, it’s likely that we’ll have to write about more and more people getting fired from their jobs.  Luckily, Steve Pogorzelski,’s executive vice president of global sales and customer development, appears to be leaving under better conditions.

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