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Search Tool Increases Online Sales For Retailer

Fry, Inc, a ecommerce design, development and managed services provider, has announced that the Web site design and re-launch of ShoeMall.com increased sales for the online retailer by 44 percent in 2006.

Managing Your Ad Sales with EDM

A couple of days ago I came across this article – NBC Turns ‘Fresh Eyes’ to Its Ad Sales (subscription required). It talked about Michael Pilot joining NBC from GE to manage Ad sales without any prior media experience. Michael was hired in part it seems because he has been "focused on using statistical analysis of potential customers to figure out which are the best prospects". The article went on to say

Google, dMarc Founders Part Ways

Usually when we talk about Google and personnel, it’s to report that the company has hired yet another big name, and it’s more than likely a major defection from a rival company.

11 Quick and Dirty Ways to Increase Conversions
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Increasing conversion rate can be a daunting task that requires a delicate touch and some expertise, not to mention some trial and error. Don’t be afraid to fail at it – just remember to keep trying until you succeed.

Tracking Amazon Sales Rank, Obtaining Accurate Estimates

I have been a published author for over seven years now and if there is one thing I can’t stand about the industry its waiting!

Sales Challenges that Prevent Executive Level Access

With the complexity of today’s business solutions and their far-reaching affects, more often than not senior level executives are actively involved in the process of assessing the issues and their options.

Strong Online Valentine’s Day Sales

With Valentine’s Day two weeks away small business owners are anticipating sales online to be stronger than they are offline. A new survey from Constant Contact titled “2nd annual Small Business Valentine’s Day Outlook” finds that 55 percent of small business owners anticipated strong sales in 2006 but in 2007, only 37 percent feel the same this year.

Stop Margin Erosion at the Point of Sale

What do you do when faced with a potential customer who is relentlessly insisting on a discount?

Want Offline Sales? Place Product Info Online

Brick-and-mortar commerce has a powerful ally in the Internet, as many people research a potential purchase online first before heading to a local business to buy.

Online Music Sales Reached $2 Billion In 2006

Digital music sales in 2006 doubled over the previous year. As did the number of songs made available online. Record labels have become somewhat more comfortable as they continue to try and find the right combination of distribution models along with digital music products.

Online Research Influences Offline Sales

Online browsing and research will increase offline retail sales by 12 percent over the next five years according to JupiterResearch. In their new report, “U.S. Online Retail Forecast, 2006-2011″ growth of offline sales will reach 40 percent of total U.S. retail sales.

Vista Business Sales Going Faster Than Expected

Sales of Windows Vista Business, considering the “soft launch” that only made it available through very specific business channels and lacked a major launch event, are higher than anyone thought they would be.

PR: Is it Really About Driving Sales?

“The best comms programs are those that have nothing to do with customer acquisition.”

Sales Management w/ Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 is a comprehensive customer relationship management software package that helps businesses to improve all aspects of customer service and improve marketing and sales performance.

Vital Keys To Writing A Sales Letter

Effective sales letter writing skills are imperative for the web business owner or entrepreneur.

Leveraging Sales Compensation to Drive Sales Performance

Sales executives have long embraced the vision of leveraging incentive compensation to drive performance within their sales teams.

Automation With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0

Sales and marketing personnel are best employed in sales and marketing rather than carrying out repetitive administrative tasks. This is particularly true of small and medium sized businesses with limited personnel resources and the need to focus on customer contact in order to maintain and expand the customer base.

Amazon Has Record Holiday Sales

Amazon.com had a record-breaking holiday season. Their 12th season surpassed all previous sales records according to the company. The busiest day of the holiday season was December 11. On that day customer orders were over 4 million.

Microsoft Academy Marketing or Technical Program?

So as most of you probably already know by now, when I graduate from the University of Kent in June 2007 with my BSc Honours Degree in Information Technology, I want to work for Microsoft, more specifically in either the MSN or Windows Live Division!

Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way

It’s been well documented that quality of collaboration between sales and marketing directly impacts ROI.

Online Holiday Sales Could Reach $19 Billion

Online holiday sales keep soaring and breaking records. So far this season online sales have seen a number of milestones. First there was the over hyped Cyber Monday on November 27, 2006 which saw online sales reach $608 million. One week later on Monday December 4, a new record was reached as consumers spent $647 million online.
That is $39 million more than was spent on Cyber Monday according to comScore Networks.