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Online Sales Slow Down

New statistics have indicated that online sales are slowing, and this has worried some people.  Yet “slow growth” is still growth, and – some projections accompanied those stats – even if 25 percent per year (in 2004) was great, nine percent (in 2010) won’t be too shabby.

EBay Sellers Get Some Help, Online and Off
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The eBay Developers Conference in Boston offers up some juicy tidbits for online retailers, from forthcoming third-party applications and research tools to ways to hire certified developers to create widgets for your website.

Online Video Ads Lead To Sales
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Online video ads are converting to sales, according to the Online Publishers Association (OPA) "Frames of Reference: Online Video Advertising, Content and Consumer Behavior" report.

E-Commerce Sales Increased By Reviews

While online reviews written by consumers is nothing new, they can be a useful tool to convert shoppers researching a product online according to a study by MarketingSherpa and Prospectiv.

Close to six in 10 respondents "strongly or "somewhat" favored sites that featured product reviews written by fellow shoppers, while only 14 percent said they did not trust reviews written by their peers.

Results were the same whether shoppers made their purchase online or off.

Webmaster – An Obsolete Concept?

One word that causes a great deal of problems is Webmaster. Perhaps many will disagree with me, but hear me out. I acknowledge that it will be difficult to bury the word. After all even the mighty Google helps to support the word through its immensely useful Google Webmaster Central. However I believe this word and the function that it implies can create a great deal of organizational dysfunction, particularly in big companies.

E-Commerce Sales Maturing

U.S. online retail is maturing quickly. One indication is that e-commerce sales growth will drop below 20 percent for the first time next year.

With maturing Internet sales, along with the possible slowdown of the U.S. economy, year over year e-commerce sales are expected to be lower. eMarketer estimates online retail sales will grow 21 percent to $131 billion this year. During the next four years, sales will increase at 17 percent compound annual growth rate.

SEW Live Recap: This Is Getting Personal
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At the end of the day, it’s about sales, not traffic. And if it’s about sales, then it must also be about people, not clicks. This seemed to be the focus of yesterday’s one-day SEW Live in Columbus, OH (you might call it SES Lite), as marketers explore the transition from search engine marketing to social media marketing.

Internal Departments & Your SEO Firm – A Play
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Many companies are not aware of the different roles that various departments in their organization will fill when they begin to work with an outside SEO firm.  What follows is a demonstration, in play form (bear with me), of which internal departments are involved in a typical SEO campaign and why. It also demonstrates some of the resistance that may be felt by those departments as well as what valuable contributions a company can make to help its SEO firm craft a successful campaign.

The Players

Tracking Campaign Metrics with Excel
Analytics programs are great, but they can quickly have you drowning in a sea of numbers.  Generating lots of data isn’t very helpful if that data isn’t actionable.  You need information that gives insights that you can feed back into your campaign.  One way to tame your data is to massage it into a spreadsheet.

Conversion Improvement Resources
While looking for information on PPC management, I’ve found an interesting number of resources about improving conversions.

While many of these are focused on the PPC market, the organic SEO’s like myself ignore these at our peril.

Building an Online Marketing Company Requires Sales

This is the first of a ten part tutorial.

It occurs to me that my accomplishments (and other entereprenuers lack thereof) are often due to basic sales savvy that is greatly lacking in many online marketing companies:  Now that more and more business is conducted online, there is a gap between supply and demand that can only be filled with a knowledge of how and why people make decisions to buy, or not to buy as the case may be.  This is the first in a ten part series:

Online Jewelry Sales Rose 20 Percent In 2006
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Online jewelry sales in the U.S. market hit $2.45 billion in 2006, an increase of 20 percent from 2005, according to data from IDEX Online Research. Online sales comprised 3.9 percent of all jewelry sales of $63.0 billion in 2006.

The conventional wisdom at the start of e-commerce was that online sales of jewelry would never be a major factor. Online shoppers now buy a wide range of merchandise online besides books and CDs. They also spend more per purchase.

Lead Nurturing – The YouTube Approach

Content is critical for lead nurturing. Whether it is a case study, new research on some aspect of your industry, a how-to guide, or a whitepaper, content is what makes your lead nurturing programs work – and lead nurturing is what helps marketing drive more revenue to sales.

Cross-Discipline Bundling in Online Marketing

The web designer wants you to just trust him, and not to listen to the sales department. The sales department is sure that the Geek who runs the back end is a communist. The website is invisible because someone thought a no-cache tag would be a cute way to avoid outdated content, and none of the pages are cached.

Thought Leadership To Build Brands and Nurture Leads

RainToday.com’s recent report "What’s Working In Lead Generation" got me thinking about the relationship of thought leadership to branding and lead nurturing.

In B2B marketing, all three serve the same purpose: to establish your company as a trusted adviser, so when a prospect is ready to buy, he or she will think of you and will want to speak with your sales reps.

Podcasting Hints and Tips For Success
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A great podcast can be an effective tool to generate buzz about a new product or service your company is offering, or can even be a way to simply heighten your online presence and popularity throughout your particular niche.

Drive Better Lead Generation ROI

Ask most executives and marketers what sales people need and they will say, “more leads.” Your sales people don

Google Ad Sales Head Quits

Patrick Keane, the head of advertising sales strategy at Google has called it quits. Now he will become executive VP and chief marketing officer at CBS Interactive. Keane served at Google for more than four years. Before joining Google, Keane was a VP and senior analyst at Jupiter Research.

A press release reports:

Google Set To Bust TV Ad Market

If there were any doubt before (and there wasn’t really), Google has every intention of busting in on the television ad market. A couple of job postings on Google’s website confirm that intent while shedding some light on why networks are so jittery about this media revolution.

Google Makes Sales Call To Federal Government

When you consider that Google’s net income in 2006 was well over $3 billion, it becomes apparent that individual customers don’t matter much to the company’s overall business. Google may be trying to change that, however: yesterday and today, it’s holding a special sales meeting with “nearly 200 federal contractors, engineers and uniformed military members.”

E-Commerce Sales See Continued Growth

US e-commerce sales were not only healthy for the fourth quarter of 2006 but were at their highest levels in four years according to the US Census Bureau. On an unadjusted basis, sales reached $33.9 billion, up around a third from the third quarter of 2006.

For the fourth quarter of 2006 e-commerce estimate increased 25.0 percent from the previous year while total retail sales increased 4.0 percent in the same period. E-commerce in Q4 2006 comprised 3.3 percent of total sales.

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