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Apple To Sell 48 Million iPads In 2012, Maybe More Apple To Sell 48 Million iPads In 2012, Maybe More

There’s no doubt that 2012 is going to be a big year for the tablet. As people from both inside and outside the professional world begin to rely on tablet computing more and more, we will see the wars heat …

Nintendo: No Sales Data For You

Sales figures are the most important asset for any small company to prove their mettle, but what happens when those sales figures can’t be shown? That’s exactly what happened to Icon Games, a London-based developer, when they published their sales …

Nintendo 3DS Outsells Wii In Its First Nine Months

Nintendo’s glasses-free-3D entry into the world of handheld gaming is off to a pretty fast start, according to figures just released by the company. According to Nintendo, they have sold more than 4 million 3DS units since its launch in …

Android Market Blowout Sale: 49¢ Tracks, $4.99 Albums Android Market Blowout Sale: 49¢ Tracks, $4.99 Albums

In what looks like the biggest music sale since the new and improved Google Music linked up with the Android Market back in November, millions of individual songs and hundreds of thousands of full albums are being offered for discounted …

Kindle Fire Off To A Hot Start: 2 Million Sold In 2 Weeks Kindle Fire Off To A Hot Start: 2 Million Sold In 2 Weeks

Amazon’s Kindle Fire: It’s so hot right now. According to one market researcher, the Amazon has already sold 850,000 Kindle Fires directly from Amazon.com. When you factor in sales from other retailers like Best Buy, he says that Amazon has …

PlayStation Network Downtime Prompting Massive Trade-Ins in the UK PlayStation Network Downtime Prompting Massive Trade-Ins in the UK
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One of the big questions surrounding this whole PSN outage cluster-you-know-what has been brand loyalty.  At what point will PS3 owners jump ship and swim on over to Xbox 360 island? Over the course of the outage, I have asked …

eBay’s iPad 2 Data Revealed

Although we don’t have the official numbers from Apple, it looks as though sales of the iPad 2 have been good.  Maybe even great.  After its opening weekend, some analysts projected that the new device had sold hundreds of thousands …

Which Parts of Your Company Should Be Listening to Social Media

Co-authored by Jay Baer and Amber Naslund

“Once upon a time, customer contact was centralized around the switchboard, and the phone was the preferred method for communication between companies and customers. When it rang, you answered, because it was likely a customer or a potential customer on the other end of the line. Now, the calls are coming through online, via the social phone.”

Get Clients: 17 Giveaways that Attract Clients
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Most potential clients need to be touched between 7 and 9 times before they make a purchase. Many need to be touched again and again—warmed slowly until they are ready to buy. The easiest way to do this is to have a newsletter or ezine. However, in today’s fast-paced bloated-inbox world, potential clients are wary about handing out their email addresses.

Online Subscriptions Driving Magazine Sales
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Online subscription will generate 24 percent of new business sales for magazines in 2010, according to a new report from the Magazine Publishers of America (MPA).

The percentage of subscriptions generated from the Internet has increased steadily since 2006:

Use QR Code to Increase Traffic and Sales
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QR (or Quick Response) code is not a new technology. Actually it’s been around for sixteen years or so, but the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones and their support of QR-code-reading apps is making use of the codes more popular than ever. It’s a very easy way to attract the attention of a potential customer with a scannable (often curiosity-inducing) link to your website or latest promotion. There’s something about a QR code that makes smartphone users want to scan them.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Release Sets Records
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If you have any kind of passing interest in video games then you’ve more than likely heard of Call of Duty. The series has been around since 2003, and including sequels, spin-off/expansions has released 12 different games. The latest title is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) and looks to be the best selling yet.

Poor Customer Service Holding Back E-Commerce Sales
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Earlier this month comScore released its Q2 retail e-commerce sales estimates, which indicated that US online retail spending dropped from the same period from last year. This is only the second time that has happened.

Apple Bucking The Current Economical Trend

While it should come as no surprise, Apple is doing very well, thank you. Amidst all of the gloom and doom, the hand wringing and the concern over the future, Apple is simply rolling along as if to say “What recession?” In what will likely be a classic case study in business schools for the future, Apple has taken an approach to the market that is so revolutionary that it has to be examined. You see, they are providing high quality products that fill needs for their customers.

Dell’s Twitter Campaign Has Raked In $3m In Sales

While many businesses are trying to work out how to make money from Twitter, computer maker Dell shows what they have done to validate Twitter as a credible business tool.

Big Changes in Google’s Sales Department

Earlier this year, Google laid off about 200 employees in the sales and marketing department. Head of Sales, Tim Armstrong also left the company to become CEO of AOL. Armstrong then got Senior Google sales executive Jeff Levick to go with him.

Direct Band To Fan Marketing Is Making A Big Push

 Direct band to fan sales is the new holy grail; not just for indie musicians, but for a growing number of major label artists as well.

Online Purchases Increase, But Not For Web-Only Sellers
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Overall, online shopping has not been adversely affected by the slow economy reports. But that good news isn’t extended to Web-only retailers, the majority of whom are experiencing flat or declining sales.

According to a survey by Forrester Research and Shop.org, online retail sales rose by an average of 11 percent in the first quarter of 2009 with the bulk of the increase benefiting consumer brand manufactures and multichannel retailers.

Online Music Listening Making Push, Downloads Falter

Teens age 13-17 bought 19% less music in 2008 than they did in ’07 according to a new NPD survey. CD purchases declined 26% and paid digital downloads fell 13% compared with the prior year. 32% of the teens who bought less digital music "expressed discontent" with the music available and 23% said that they already had enough music. 24% of teens said they had cut back all entertainment spending.

Google Tips for More Conversions
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You can use every marketing strategy under the sun, but if they don’t translate into conversions, it’s all for nothing. Some methods take longer than others to lead to conversions, and there are hundreds of variables that come into play for the success of any campaign.

Conversions end with your site.
That’s why you need to concentrate on what is and what isn’t working. There are plenty of web analytics tools that can help you figure out where your traffic is coming from, where you are losing your visitors, etc.

Google Names Armstrong Replacement
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Dennis WoodsideGoogle’s head of American Advertising Sales and Operations Tim Armstrong recently left Google to become AOL’s new Chairman and CEO. Google has announced his replacement (staying within the company) with Dennis Woodside.