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Uber Says It’s Committed to Making the Service Safer, but Is It Capable?

On any given day, ‘everyone’s private driver’ Uber is dealing with some sort of problem. These include, but are not limited to, drivers being pissed about fare cuts and how they affect their bottom line, taxi companies being pissed that Uber is skirting past rules and regulations, and cities battling the entire Uber operation both at home and abroad. These …

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New Louisiana Law Gives Sex Offenders A Scarlet Letter On Facebook

When it comes to registered sex offenders being allowed on social media sites like Facebook, maybe it’s more about open information and less about outright bans. Unsure of the constitutionality of an outright ban on sex offenders using social networks, Louisiana State Representative Jeff Thompson authored a bill that will at least keep everything out in the open. Signed into …

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Facebook Wants More Information On Why You’re Reporting People

There are nearly a dozen legitimate (and a couple dozen illegitimate) reasons why you would report a certain Facebook user to the FB authority. Whether you’re reporting a fake account, someone who’s posting highly inappropriate content, or some jerk who has been harassing you, Facebook wants to know exactly why you have a problem with said user. Facebook has always …

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