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Serene Superyacht Docks in Manhattan

Serene, one of the largest superyachts in the world, has found safe harbor in Manhattan. The vessel is owned by Yuri Scheffler, the man behind vodka brand Stolichnaya. The yacht’s presence in the United States is speculated to be connected to the current unrest in Ukraine and Russia over the latter’s annexation of Crimea, and that the Russian oligarch may …

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Should Linking To Copyrighted Material Be Illegal?

Despite how you feel on the matter, online piracy is illegal. Various courts throughout the country have said again and again that uploading pirated works on the Internet for others to download is illegal. The copyright lobby hasn’t really done much about it in recent years after finding out that suing everybody wasn’t good for their image. There is, however, …

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YouTube And Viacom: Viacom Refuses to Accept the Loss

Apparently, one of the main rules of corporate level lawsuits is if you at first don’t get your way, try, try again until you find a judge that agrees with your constant complaining. Just ask Viacom and YouTube, or, well, just Viacom if you want to be specific, because YouTube is not the catalyst for bringing this story back into …

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