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Depression: The Number 1 Thing to Improve That Gray, Seasonal, Utter Sh-t Feeling

It’s January. For some people, January and February are the months they want to just go hibernate with the bears. They’re not sure if what they have clinically qualifies as “depression,” per se. But you can’t tell them they don’t feel blue, and they know it’s because of the gray. As with any psychological or emotional issue, see a professional …

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Winter Depression: Tips To Prevent It

Winter depression is a real disorder that affects thousands of people on a seasonal basis. Many people who suffer from winter depression do not normally suffer from depression or other disorders, and others have a history of depression. Winter depression is characterized by mild sadness, low energy and lack of motivation. It often starts shortly after the end of daylight …

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Facebook Scam Results in Just the Saddest Story

Normally, if someone told me that they’d been conned out of thousands of dollars by Nigerian hucksters on Facebook, I’d probably tell them that they’d just given me the single most depressing example of human stupidity imaginable. Sure, I’d be adding insult to injury, but they’re really, really, dumb so it’s ok. But this story about a 67-year-old woman who …

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Danville Pawn Shop Shooting: A Triple Homicide

The Lexington Herald-Leader reported today that a 9-year-old boy called police from the ABC Gold and Games pawn shop in Danville, Kentucky shortly after 9 a.m. Apparently, somebody had entered the shop with the intention of robbing it, and ended up shooting three people dead. Boyle County coroner Don Hamner identified two of the victims as Michael and Angela Hockensmith. …

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Brutally Depressing Single-Purpose Site Will Probably Make You Want to Go Visit Mom

Right now, there’s a new single-purpose site that may just ruin your day. It’s called See Your Folks, and it’s a brutal way to get across a point about life’s fleeting nature. The application uses only four simple questions to calculate one of the saddest numbers you’ll see for quite some time. By asking where your parents live, how many …

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